Garnier Moisture Restore+ night cream

I haven’t had much experience with night creams. I don’t think I have ever really needed one and the only time I have ever used one,  I really didnt notice a difference with my skin.

I went to Boots to pick up my usual skincare products as I was running out of literally everything and saw they had plenty of offers on Garnier skin care. My usual cleanser and toner were two for £4 and then all Garnier moisturiser was half price. I picked up my usual daily moisturiser and I saw this Garnier Moisture Restore + Night Cream and at only £1.99 I decided to give it a try.

 20150619_204101I have used this the past week, I am completely hooked!

The description promises intense hydration, it’s a gel cream formula and is no way as thick as the last night cream I used. It soaks into skin fairly quickly too and doesn’t leave a sticky mess behind. One of the main ingredients in this is the revival flower, which grows in an extreme climate and can last 31 month without water, which I thought was pretty special! It smells divine, like a sweet perfume which is an added bonus as some intense creams can be a little bland on the scent front.

When I wake up, my skin looks and feels so soft and its not a touch dry at all, even in the places I suffer from dry skin! Not only that I feel like it has improved the overall quality of the skin on my face and I am looking forward to seeing the long term results I will get with this product.

Do you use a Night Cream? Which do you find work better for your skin type?


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