Freedom Makeup Pro Blush and Highlight Palette review!

Hi all, I’m still in builder hell at mine, so for now my fashion posts have taken a back seat, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t room for beauty on the blog! Like any self respecting makeup addict, I love a good highlight! This Freedom Makeup Pro Blush and Highlight Palette review features the bronze and baked palette!

Since Freedom Makeup is one of Makeup Revolutions sister brands, I was so eager to get my hands on something when I saw that they sold it in my local Superdrug. I thought I would choose a blush palette, as I love the blush palettes from Makeup Revolution. I myself prefer a brown or light pink toned blusher when applying my makeup rather than something warmer and orangy pink, that is why I chose the bronze and baked palette.

In this palette you get a mixture of highlighter, blusher and bronzer. I’m assuming the lighter shades are highlighters and the darker shades are blushes, with two bronzers placed in the middle.

There is one matte bronzer, which is perfect for contouring if that’s your thing. I like to use this to deepen and set my cream contour. There is also a lovely gold toned bronzer that is perfect for getting that bronze glow around the edges of the face and skin on the neck and chest.

Whilst I love how this palette looks, I’m struggling to identify which of these is actually meant to be blusher? They are all way too shimmery for that in my eyes, the colours are great though which was really annoying because I love this colour of blush on me! That said, these colours do all really work well as highlighters depending on the look you’re going for. I like to use some of the brown shades to highlight when I have a really neutral brown lip and eyeshadow, so it doesn’t add anything too light to the face.

In true Makeup Revolution style, this palette is super super pigmented and provides great long lasting wear. I love how everything you need is all in one place and the range of colours you get for the price. At £6, it really is a steal. There are two other Pro Blush and Highlight Palettes available from Freedom which I may try out, but for now this is my go too highlight, it’s just a shame about the blusher!

Tip: When using this palette, try spraying your highlighting brush with setting spray before applying your highlight to make sure you slay all day and night!

Have you tried anything from Freedom Makeup? What would you recommend?



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