Five makeup tips that changed my makeup game!

I have always loved makeup, it is my favourite thing about my day. I love just getting up and getting my face on, it makes me feel so much more confident and ready for anything. That said, I have had to learn a few things on the way so whether you’re a veteran or just starting to try new things I wanted to share with you five makeup tips that changed my makeup game!


This may seem pretty obvious, but because I have oily skin, I only ever used to moisturise on an evening. I thought that moisturising the skin before applying makeup made the oil I produced throughout the day worse, when in actual fact it does the opposite! Keeping the skin well moisturised with an oil free formula helps to rehydrate the skin and balance the skins natural levels which in time means you may stop producing as much oil. Try something likeClinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Gel £30 to help control that shine! Wayne Goss also swears by using lashings of moisturiser before foundation for a smooth finish – girls it really works!


Sounds crazy right? A setting spray is for when you’ve completely finished your makeup and to ensure that you don’t look powdery right? Believe me when I say this is an amazing tip. I use MAC Prep and Prime Fix + Setting Spray £17.50 Once I have applied my foundation, I spray my entire face with the spray and then go back in with my beauty blender. I then add concealer and dampen a micro blender again with the setting spray and use it to then set my concealer in place. You will find that your makeup not only last a lot longer, but that you do not need as much powder after using the spray in this way. Give it a go and let me know how you get on.


I spent so long trying all sorts of red lipsticks and none of them were right for me. I didn’t even think that I was doing something wrong and that I had to match my shade of red to my skin tone. I have a cool undertone to my skin, so reds with a blue undertone are best for me! I tried a lovely red by Rimmel recently and I fell in love with wearing red lipstick for the first time in my life! I highly recommend you try to find your perfect red before you give up on wearing red lipstick forever! I spent some time researching and trying lots of shades, but avoid the hassle and check out Illamasqua, who have a great guide to help you find your perfect red on their blog here!


I love getting creative with my makeup, I have a lot of shimmery shadow that looks beautiful in the pans, but tends to lose a lot of its glitz when I apply it to my lids. I like to spray a flat eyeshadow brush with MAC Prep and Prime Fix + Setting Spray £17.50 then use the brush to pick up the eyeshadow. I then sweep it onto the lid for the perfect shimmery finish. BE WARNED THOUGH only use this technique to finalise your look. If not you could end with an icky mess. I usually use it in the corner to about half way across the lid AFTER I have blended everything else in, but it really does make the colour/shimmer pop!


Damn that picture of Kim Kardashian before her highlight/contour was blended! Everyone seemed to then want to do it JUST like her even though it may not be the right way for their face shape! I have spent time working out where my highlight/contour should go by watching YouTubers with similar face shapes to mine, but also finding what works for me by the process of elimination. The same routine will absolutely not work for everyone and you could end up looking a mess if you just follow any old video. The best thing to do is to start small and use a powder contour, get to know your face shape and what works best. Then you can work up to a full cream contour and highlight for ultimate KimK realness! This Cosmo article is a good place to start.

Will you try any of these tips? Have you got any to share with me?


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