Esqido Lashes and Companion Eyelash Glue*

Anyone who knows me will know that I love a good set of eyelashes. I was thrilled to be contacted and asked if I’d like to review a pair of the Esqido Lashes along with the Lash Companion Eyelash Glue.

Esqido were tired of the unnatural and uncomfortable lashes that were available on the market and decided to set out to create something better. Their lashes have been worn by many a famous names, including Rhianna and upon checking their website to choose my style, I was amazed at their extensive collection of lashes, view them all here.

I chose the style Starlet, which are a medium volume lash with more Volume towards the outer corner. Delivery was fast and I was amazed at the quality of the lashes when they first arrived.

sqido Lashes, Starlet, emma ellis, the plus size of life

Upon receiving my lashes in the post, I was struck by the packaging in particular. These definitely feel like a little piece of luxury and are definitely a world away from the lashes you buy at the drugstore. The package contained a sleek, white, padded box which housed the lashes making them easy to store for future use.

The Companion Eyelash Glue came in it’s own uni-carton, and the sleek design with the gold handle really keeps that luxurious feel aswell.

The lashes were really easy to apply, the glue went tacky quickly and helped my new lashes to stay put all day! Here is the before and after look.


As you can see from the before image, I hardy have any natural lashes. Sadly I’ve not been blessed in that department but it’s nothing that these Esqido Lashes cannot fix! I love the final look. They definitely provide alot of definition without looking too false on the eyes. These lashes not only look incredible, but they are worth the investment because they last. Even after wearing a few times with heavy makeup, they still look just as new and are easily reapplied at a later date, unlike some drugstore lashes.

If you’re struggling to choose your style of lash from Esqido, they also have a Lash Guide on their website which is really handy if you’re as indecisive as me

Have you tried Esqido lashes? What are your favourite styles?

*The Lashes and Glue featured in this post were sent to me for review. All views and opinions are my own!!

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