Easy cut crease eyeshadow look for beginners

SO, I’m not about to film this for my youtube channel, mainly because I can in NO WAY compete with the hundreds of amazing tutorials on there of how to do it. I do get ALOT of questions and compliments about my makeup though, so I thought the best thing to do would be kind of like a pictorial showing how to get this easy cut crease eyeshadow look for beginners.


The best thing about this is that you can apply this method to any colours as long as you follow the 4 basic steps. I also think it is really easy for beginners as it’s just 4 steps and nothing too advanced.

To do this look you will need:

  • 2 matt shades of shadow from a similar colour palette one darker than the other. I am going to use pink and orange
  • 1 shimmer eyeshadow, I like to use a light one so I’m using light pink
  • Eyeshadow primer or concealer for the base and to cut the crease. I’m using the PLousie base in shade Rumour 01.

  1. Do your eyebrows however you usually do and then prime your eyelids either using a concealer or an eye primer, either is fine.
  2. Next outline the shape that you want with the DARKEST shade of matt eyeshadow. Once you are happy with the shape you can deepen the colour by patting a bit more along the shape you just created. See picture 1 below
  3. Next I am going to take the lighter shade of shadow, and blend along the top of the line towards the brow bone to soften out any harsh lines. See picture 2 below
  4. Once you are happy with the blend it is time to cut the crease, so take your base or concealer on a flat brush and start lining along the bottom edge of the darkest shadow you applied. It acts as a really good guide for where to cut the crease. If you do this in small sections you will get a nice smooth line. Once you are happy with the line, fill in your eyelid with concealer. See picture 3 below
  5. Apply the shimmery shadow to the area you just cut, this can be seen in picture 4 above
  6.  Then just add some liner and lashes and that’s it!

I know it’s simple to say how to do something, but honestly I haven’t been doing it that long and I found it a really good technique. I have slightly hooded eyes so I tend to use the darkest shade just above my natural crease to achieve this dramatic look.

What do you think? will you be giving it a go? Make sure you share your looks with me 🙂


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