Collection 2000 Review – Hit or Miss?

I haven’t done anything remotely related to beauty on a budget for a while now and since I have been into buying Collection 2000 lately,  a super affordable line with a great range of products to choose from, I thought i’d do a Collection 2000 review and share my thoughts on a few of the different items I have and whether I think they are a hit or a miss!



Primed and Ready Illuminating and Reviving Eye Primer – £3.99 – Boots  – Not really anything special, a bit watery for me. It did illuminate as there is a pearlised colour to it but to be honest my eye make up did not look any different – Miss

Primed and Ready Mattifying Pore Minimiser – £3.99 – Boots – A great primer! It contains which hazel, which is a natural antibacterial ingredient to help keep spots at bay. Not fantastic at minimizing pores but a great mattifying product none the less – Hit

Foundation and Concealer


Naturally Matt Foundation -£2.99 – Boots –  A great price, but not much coverage. I thought this would be amazing, as I have oily skin but sadly not! It was fine for a small amount of coverage on holiday as I find most BB creams too oily, but apart from that it is useless for me to wear day to day – Miss

Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Foundation – £5.99 – Boots – I am in love with this foundation! It really is amazing for the price. Natural looking coverage and blends really well. Outdoes my MAC Studio fix for wear and at such a great price, it has become a staple in my everyday make up routine – Hit

Lasting perfection Concealer – £4.19 – Boots –  I was recommended this concealer about a year ago by another blogger and I have never looked back. Works with almost any of the foundations I choose to use and provides ultimate undereye concealment! – Hit



Lasting perfection Ultimate wear Powder – £4.19 – Boots – I love a really light powder and sadly this is not for me. I feel its very orangy in tone. It sets my foundation really well but unfortunately until they bring out a lighter shade it’s a – Miss

Pressed Powder – £1.99 – Superdrug – This has always been my favourite powder to set my under eyes with. It’s the lightest out there and works like an absolute dream! I will always continue to use this – Hit

Sheer Loose Powder – £2.99 – Superdrug – Nothing to shout about, I find it works ok but doesnt set my make up for ultimate all day wear, there are better loose powders out there for a similar price  – Miss

Brows, Eyes and Lips


Cream Puff Lip Cream – £2.99 – Boots – I bought this thinking it would be a lovely alternative to regular lipstick. It says its matte, so I thought i’d give it a go. How wrong was I? It slips and slides all over the place, a definite – Miss

Define and Perfect Eyebrow Powder – £4.19 – Boots This is a great concept and works just fine unless you go overboard. Its really easy to use and makes my brows look amazing. The only problem is there isn’t a great range of colours and I think the shade I have is not right for me – It would be a hit but until they bring out a better colour range I’m afraid its a – Miss

Fast Stroke Eyeliner – £2.99 – Superdrug  The first liquid eyeliner I have used and the only one I will ever buy. The brush is thin and perfect for creating beautiful looks on the eyes, the colour is dense and you don’t need to build it up too much and it lasts forever! They even do a waterproof version now! Always a Hit with me!

Overall Collection 2000 is a great and affordable brand that I will continue to use! There is something for everyone at an affordable price, even though some of the products I’ve mentioned in this post were a miss for me, I know that there are plenty more Collection 2000 products I haven’t tried that I will love!


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