Cloth Nappy friendly outfits for your little one!


Cloth nappies are usually a bit bulkier than single use disposable nappies. That can be very off putting for some Mums as it makes clothes shopping a bit of a nightmare. I’m here today to talk about cloth nappy friendly outfits for your little ones and how to get the most out of your little ones wardrobe.

  • In the newborn stage, vest extenders are a life saver. Your baby is already so tiny so sizing up is not an option, but these handy little things that can be picked up for a few pounds on Amazon. They extend the size of your vest to help them accommodate the size of your cloth nappy.


  • Try looking for loose fitting pants that have more room around the waste. We love the Parsnip Pants from Frugi which come in a range of funky prints and styles. Look for this style in other shops too, we have found similar in H&M and TU at Sainsbury’s!


  • Ditch the Jeans and go for stretch leggings instead! Blade and Rose sell a range of stretchy leggings which are to die for! They can easily be paired with a colourful t-shirt or dress and come in a range of styles. I have only just ordered Arthur 3 more pairs. They also do shorts made from the same material! I also love plain jersey cotton leggings from H&M and TU as well.


  • Unfortunately I have found denim to be a total no go, this includes dungarees cotton or jersey ones work fine though. DO bare in mind that cloth nappies tend to hold to smell of poop in for longer so in dungarees it may be harder to check the nappy for anything offensive. Rompers are also a really good outfit for our cloth bums!EMMA-Ellis-the-plus-size-of-life-cloth-nappy-friendly-outfits-rompers-and-dungarees

Where to shop!

Blade and Rose


Tu at Sainsbury’s

Babipur – they sell Frugi and Dunns etc


I hope you found this post about cloth nappy friendly outfits useful, as always if you have any questions pop them in the comments down below or contact me on my other social media accounts!


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