Childhood struggles you had that your kids will never know

Hello, if you missed my last post, make sure you give it a read, but the other day Maisie was trying to search for something on the TiVo and could not type properly using the remote control. We mostly only watch sport on the TV, everything else is on the games console, through Netflix etc. I was so shocked and had to do it for her. She couldn’t work it out! So this got me thinking and I have come up with a list of 5 childhood struggles you had that your kids will never know.

1. Mobile Phones


We all had a Nokia 3310. As discussed in the intro they will never have to send a text using this typing method because modern phones use Qwerty keyboards. They also probably won’t ever have to experience 10p charge per text message …. most contracts and payg phones now have unlimited text deals. Or maybe they won’t even use text at all, just online messaging services.

Does anyone remember the games that used to come on your phone? Snake was the BOMB! How would our little ones survive not being able to download all their favourite apps and games

2. The Cinema


The cinema in general was a bit of a process when I was younger. There was the phoning up or checking the newspaper for the cinema times, now google can just tell you. Also you had to make sure that you were there waiting for your chosen film with plenty of time otherwise you wouldn’t get in because you could only buy tickets from box office. The final thing is waiting for the film you had seen to be released on video ….. that took ages! So by the time it actually came out, you were pretty much over it.

3. Meeting up with friends outside school


The only way to actually talk to your friends was by calling their landline and asking to speak to them. Likewise when you arranged to meet them, you arranged the time and spot to meet. If they didn’t show you just had to either wait or go home, there was no way to contact them to see if they were still coming. Sometimes your friend might be grounded and not show, not everyone had mobile phones and even if they did they might not have any credit.

4. Dial up

God the noise it used to make. In modern times, kids have instant access to everything. Can you imagine them having to actually wait a week for something to download? Even I will thank the Lord for brodband on this one, but it’s still a childhood struggle you had that your kids will never know

5. Music

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Maisie literally cannot grasp the fact that we did not have instant access to our favourite music. She can just use YouTube or Spotify, but when I was younger if you wanted your favourite songs, you had to either record them onto a tape from the radio or go to Woolworths and buy the CD or tape. If your friends were lucky enough to have an album you wanted, you could get them to record them for you also.  Mostly I had tape players growing up, progressing to CD at about age 15, but CD’s were expensive and tapes were pretty cheap so it fit my budget the best.

There are so many more things I could point out, but these for me were the main ones that have come up in my family. I am all for these modern changes don’t get me wrong, but I just found it so funny the amount of things that my kids take for granted (god I sound like my own Mum 🙂 Let me know in the comments about any childhood struggles you had that your kids will never know too!



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