Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation Review!

Hi everyone, I’ve had a week off from the blog, mainly because I haven’t been feeling too good. Everything seems to be getting on top of me at the moment but I’m back today sharing my thoughts on foundation with you in this Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation review!

I couldn’t wait to try this foundation. I rarely get excited about a high end product, but this to me was like the answer to all my prayers! This Magic Foundation claims to provide “flawless, poreless, long lasting coverage” which definitely sounded like something I needed to try. On the Charlotte Tilbury website it tells you that it took five years to create this “miracle in a bottle foundation” which contains a supercharged Vitamin C which helps to not only cover all your imperfections, but it helps to reduce these over time with continued use.

The skin on my face is quite problematic I have really oily skin, dark circles around and under the eyes, enlarged pores and some patches of hyperpigmentation so for a foundation it is really important that I get full coverage. One of the selling points of this foundation was that it covers all that on it’s own, meaning there is no need for concealer.

The foundation itself comes in a lovely frosted glass bottle, it also has a pump to dispense so you don’t ever have the worry of pouring too much!

The texture of this foundation is liquid to cream and true to the claims it feels very lightweight, almost like a moisturiser when applying it to the skin.

So, I’m going to be honest and tell you I’ve had this foundation for about a year. I really was dissapointed in it when I used it at first, I couldn’t get a nice coverage at all. It caked on my skin and left me looking and feeling awful. I couldn’t see why everyone was raving about it or what made it so special to so many. I neglected it and it’s been sat in my makeup storage since then but I recently revisited this foundation and found that I love it now!

I found it really easy to work with and build as desired this time around. I was not so impressed with the coverage of this foundation when I applied one layer, but building it up to two layers made my skin look FLAWLESS! I used a brush to really buff it into the skin instead of a beauty blender this time which made it so much easier to work with and blend onto the skin.

On my skin, it dries to a sort of powdery finish, that didn’t look dry at all and it provides a great barrier to all that nasty oiliness that usually appears on my forehead and nose throughout the day. Not only this but it stays on my nose all day! This is a major plus for me because no matter what foundation I am using, I usually get the redness creeping in about lunchtime and have to touch it up.

One thing I think I have learnt with this foundation is that you need to work quickly to blend it into the skin which I think I neglected when I initially used it. Use a small amount and work in small sections of the face. Another thing about it is that because it’s so full coverage, you really need to prep the skin well to get the best results. Make sure you moisturise well and try a primer. I think this is why I couldn’t get on with it when I originally got it. My skin care routine was not the best before but now it’s totally different and the foundation works really well. Using a brush instead of a blender also helps.

I went for shade 2, which is a pink beige shade for very fair skin which has cool undertones. Its the perfect shade for my because I am quite fair. I’d say it was comparable to my MAC NC15 shade.

The foundation costs £30, and you can buy it here. It is alot for a foundation, especially after my initial disappointment, it really is one of the best I have ever tried for coverage though and I’m so glad I gave it another chance!

Have you tried this foundation? What did you think?

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    1. Yes Leah! I suggest getting a sample first because like I said, I really did not get on with this in the beginning! xxx

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