Twisted Disko at Tokyo Huddersfield!

If you follow me on social media, you will no doubt know that I LOVE a good night out! I was really excited when I was lucky enough to be invited to attend the launch of a newclub night, Twisted Disko at Tokyo Huddersfield a few weeks back. This club holds some great memories for me, I was really excited to experience the nostalgia and check out something new!

The Venue!

If you’re from around the area, chances are you’ve heard of Tokyo. As one of the only two nightclubs in Huddersfield town centre it remains a firm favourite with many. Set over three floors in a historic courthouse building, this club definitely offers something for everyone. Back in my university days, I did used to work behind the bar here, but since I was last there (2010 to be precise) the club has undergone a huge refurb and I have to say it’s looking amazing!

Open Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, this club is proud to cater for everyone. From students to locals everyone has a good time. The customers keep coming back for more week after week and it’s clear to see that they LOVE this place. The launch ofTwisted Disko was definitely welcome amongst them and they couldn’t wait to see what it had to offer them, myself included. Now for the really exciting part! Billed as “Ibiza meets Vegas … Carnival meets Circus … Expect the Unexpected” I was really looking forward to the night, armed with my camera and hubby in tow, we arrived and were eager to check out all that Twisted Disko had to offer!

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Just a quick post to let you know I’m going on holiday in the morning, I haven’t scheduled anything on the blog because I’ve been really busy!

Make sure you check out my giveaways that I have running, there is still plenty of time to enter both of them!

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My body shaming experience!

I hope you are all enjoying the weekend! You may have seen me mention about this on twitter last week but I wanted to share with you all my body shaming experience

So, on Saturday night last weekend, the husband and I decided to go out for a few drinks. This then eventually led to us arranging to meet a friend and go clubbing (as you do when you’re child free for the evening!!!)

I was having a really good time, we’d found a booth and were dancing and drinking the night away! During the night, I went to the loo on my own but there was a huge queue out the door and into the corridor. I stood in it chatting to other girls around me, like you do!

I then heard someone behind me say something like “wow she’s short”, which I am and because I wasn’t wearing heels I couldn’t fake it either. I am comfortable in my height, so when they said this it didn’t really matter to me.

I turned around and standing there was a really tall young man. We talked for a bit, his mates joined in the banter with him about how tall he was, but never once did I remark about this or laugh along because I don’t body shame others! Eventually, he got down on his knees and asked me to come and dance with him. I politely declined and joked that my husband would not be happy about that! He asked me again and I responded with “look, go have a dance and find someone your own age” because he was quite a young and even if I was single, way too young for me!

Then something weird happened, I left the conversation and moved further into the toilet, as the group of boys were walking away I heard the young lad I’d been speaking to shouting “I didn’t want to dance with you anyway because you’re a fat b***h” to me!

I was shocked, as were several of the women who were stood with me. One of them even shouted after him to call him out! They all told me it was ok, and that I wasn’t fat and how pretty I was. All I could think was “but I am fat and that’s ok”. I didn’t dare to say it out loud though, I felt ashamed of myself and went into the cubical to pee!

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Hello everyone, I’ve been struggling with the blog this week, I’ve only managed to get scheduled posts posted, there has been so much going on! I was definitely ready for the weekend to arrive and I’m looking forward to a few drinks tonight!

We’ve got the builders in the house at the moment, so that means that my house is a complete disaster! They are in sorting out the cellar because it has been flooding, making it damp proof so that we can store things down there finally. Hopefully it will all be finished by Tuesday!

As if that wasn’t enough, the main fuse box exploded on Tuesday night. Luckily James was in alone and acted quickly before any serious damage to the house was done! We had to evacuate and spend the night at Mum and Dad’s. The Norther Power Grid attended and were here all night fixing it, adding a new line to the mains from the road and a new mains fuse! There is now a hugeeee hole outside my front door and on the pavement too!

On the upside, I finally took the plunge and got myself a new camera. I went for the Nikon D3300, which is supposed to be a great entry level DSLR. I’m not photographer but I’d love to learn so I’m hoping this will give me a great start and my husband too!

I’ve got lots of things planned and coming up on the blog. I’ve decided to add three regular monthly features as well, starting this month!

Dress Up FridayWhy dress down when you can dress up! I will be sharing one dressed up outfit on the third Friday of every month! The first instalment will be coming up on Friday 20th!

Beauty buy of the month – This will feature a product I have bought myself this month that I am totally in love with, something that I really recommend to you all! I’m still to decide for this month yet, but that’s coming up on Friday 27th!

My favourite day – I’ve decided to focus on being a bit more positive this year and I’m going to share with you a special or favourite day of mine each month! This will be live on the blog on Sunday 29th!

What have you been up to lately? Do you like my ideas for my new monthly features?



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My goals for 2017!

I want this year to be the best for me, the blog and my life so  I wanted to post about my 2017 goals, something a little bit more positive to start  this year, rather than making resolutions that I cannot keep!

My Goals for 2017-emma-ellis-the-plus-size-of-life-plus-size-blog-plus-size-blogger1. I love my job but at the same time I don’t find it fulfilling anymore. As I had a baby while I was at University I pretty much just graduated and went straight into work. It’s time for me to start doing something I have always dreamed of and starting a career for myself.

2. I literally get to a point where I hibernate and because of my anxiety I cannot pluck up the courage to see if anyone wants to do anything! But this year I want to spend more time with my amazing friends and be a bigger part of their lives!

3. This year I really want to live on the tightest budget we can, become better with money and budgeting and hopefully get well on our way to owning our own home!

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Being a working mum …

This is something that I struggle with, I feel guilty alot for working full time instead of being there to do everything with my daughter.  I wanted to do a post on this and talk about what it is like being a working mum and how I cope with the work/life balance!

When my daughter was born, I was a full time University student. I went back to complete the final year of my course when my daughter was just 3 months old, I managed to get my degree and then start work straight away! I think this is why it has never been a struggle to work and be a mum for me because essentially I have done it from the very start.

That said, there’s something niggling that just gets me lately though, when I see just how much other mothers do wit2012-07-17-15-00-27h their children, I feel like somehow I’m missing out and so is my daughter.

You see, I don’t get up everyday and take my daughter to school, I get up and I leave about 6 am for work and my other half takes her to childcare at 7.30 in the morning and then she is taken to school from there. Likewise, I’m not there to pick her up when school finishes at 15.15, again she goes to childcare and is picked up around 6pm when we are both home from work.

Sometimes, I feel like this means I’m not good enough, like I’m failing my daughter in someway because on the odd occasion where I can take her to school, she gets emotional. I feel like it’s because she doesn’t want the moment to end because it hardly ever happens.

Then I feel I don’t know many of the other mums, which sometimes makes birthday parties extremely difficult for me. I suffer with anxiety anyway and find it really stressful in that type of scenario, where I feel like everyone already knows each other and then there is me!

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Ten thoughts that go through my mind while in Primark

A bit of a lighthearted post today. I bloody love Primark. Not always amazing for us plus size babes, but I still adore it, so here are ten thoughts that go through my mind while in Primark!

1. Am I in Primark again, really? My office is a five minute walk from the Leeds Trinity Store, so I am in there alot just browsing and 9 times out of 10 I buy something!

2. OooOOoo New Lines, New Lines! There is always something new to look at, I walk around thinking about what I would wear things with and how much everything would look amazing in my wardrobe!

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Mini rant!

This post is going to be slightly different in that im going to have a mini rant about something I have experienced lately.

I am plus size and usually choose a size 20 which has always been fine! Now I realllly struggle to find clothes that fit me!

I went to a wedding yesterday evening and I wanted something really special to wear. I ordered about 10 dresses from various retailers and lines and I was so shocked by the differences in size OF THE SAME SIZE DRESSES!

First I tried two Chi Chi London Curve dresses, both of which were a size 20. One just fit me, to the point that it was acceptable and no areas were too baggy. The second one swamped me. It was wayyy too long and extremely baggy around the bust and neck! I was like eh? The thing is, they weren’t too dissimilar in style at all!

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Dear husband …

Yesterday was our third wedding anniversary, I can’t quite believe i’m here writing this post, i’m just smiling from ear to ear!

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank my husband for everything!


2014-12-12 11.36.11

You hold our little family together so well, without you life would be boring! Thank you for always putting our needs first, for always being there when we need you but most of all for just being YOU!

2015-11-12 12.32.26

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Anxiety and Me!


**Guys, before you read this you should know this post focuses on Mental health which may be distressing/a trigger for some to read. I don’t want to upset any of you so if you think this post might affect you in some way please don’t read on. If you can relate to what I am saying and feel like you need someone to talk to, reach out to someone close to you or contact an agency such as The Samaritans who are there to give support and advice**

I’ve been wanting to write this post for a long time, in fact this is possibly about the eighth time I have written it! so here it is – Anxiety and Me!

For as long as I can remember I have suffered with anxiety. My earliest memories are from secondary school, I was a performer, I loved to sing in shows and productions. Music was all I wanted to do with my life at this young age, but it wasn’t where my anxiety showed. It manifested itself in other things such as walking down the corridor alone or sitting and eating my lunch. I would get hot and sweaty if I had no one to walk with or just thinking about the possibility that someone I was friends with wasn’t in my next class with me. This often resulted in me sitting in a toilet cubicle to try and calm down. I tried to tell people – but I was just dismissed I was a performer right? there was no way that I could suffer from this sort of feeling and be confident enough to perform in front of hundreds of people. I couldn’t control my feelings of anxiety and I started to self harm at a young age as a way to cope.

Throughout my late teens and my time at University, I didn’t really make many life long friends, I flitted from group to group trying to fit in. I used to pretend to be someone I wasn’t just to try to get rid of everything I was feeling. I’d lie about things just to make myself seem better and stop the anxious voice in my head that said “YOU’RE NOT GOOD ENOUGH” It was a shit thing to do because I ended up being a horrible person to some people, I have so many regrets, things I did that I cannot change now but I think acknowledging my mistakes and facing them has helped me tremendously.

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