5 telltale signs your child is now a tween!

On my last post, I was talking out childhood struggles that modern kids will never know. Following on from that today I am talking about telltale signs your child is now a tween.  If you didn’t know, a tween is what the modern world calls a child whos not quite old enough to be classed a teenager but is definitely on their way! Maisie is growing up sooo fast since turning 9 in June! So today I’m sharing a light hearted look at what it is like living with her at the moment.

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When you have kids, life changes so fast. The stages of them growing up go so quickly. One minute they are coming into your bed in the morning for cuddles the next minute you are embarrassing them with anything you do.

1. The sassy attitude

This was one of the first things that James and I noticed and Ohhhhh the sassss! I don’s know whether it’s come from the TV shows she has been watching (less cartoons etc and more teen dramas) or the fact that she is her mothers daughter, but every time I ask her to do something or talk to her lately I seem to get an eye roll or a shoulder shrug. It’s like she knows she isn’t a kid anymore and just THINKS she’s all grown up.

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Childhood struggles you had that your kids will never know

Hello, if you missed my last post, make sure you give it a read, but the other day Maisie was trying to search for something on the TiVo and could not type properly using the remote control. We mostly only watch sport on the TV, everything else is on the games console, through Netflix etc. I was so shocked and had to do it for her. She couldn’t work it out! So this got me thinking and I have come up with a list of 5 childhood struggles you had that your kids will never know.

1. Mobile Phones


We all had a Nokia 3310. As discussed in the intro they will never have to send a text using this typing method because modern phones use Qwerty keyboards. They also probably won’t ever have to experience 10p charge per text message …. most contracts and payg phones now have unlimited text deals. Or maybe they won’t even use text at all, just online messaging services.

Does anyone remember the games that used to come on your phone? Snake was the BOMB! How would our little ones survive not being able to download all their favourite apps and games

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Making frozen paint pops!

So in my last post, I mentioned that a good thing to do with the kids is to make frozen paint pops and make paintings with them in the sunshine. This post is going to show you how to quickly make them in 3 simple steps.


You will need:

  • Paint
  • Water
  • Ice cube tray
  • Something to mix the paints in ( I used plastic beakers)
  • Lolly sticks or matchsticks

Step one:

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A few personal thoughts ……

Content/Trigger Warning: this post contains talk about self harm, weight loss and disordered eating, if this is not for you, please do not read on. Also I just want to say, I’m not fat shaming myself or anything like that I am just talking about my personal experiences and what I have been through up until today. I still believe that every body is worthy and will continue to support that.


This is not a post that I thought I was ready to write yet, but yesterday something happened on the internet and I cannot keep it in any longer. I actually had to take myself away from my children and have a little cry yesterday to get all the emotions that I was feeling out. I filmed a ranty video that I was going to post, but I decided to try and articulate my frustration from that video into this post instead.

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30 free things to do with the kids in the summer holidays

So it’s a week into the 6 week holidays and the kids are already bored (I wanted to share this last week, but last week was just a write off so here it is) I was making a list for my own personal use the other day about all the free things to do with the kids during our summer holiday and I thought why not share it here for you too! Making lists is something that I do regularly in my day to day life to help me remember things or come up with ideas, whether that be things like this or for stuff for the blog.

Indoor activities

Sometimes it’s raining, it can be realy hard to keep the kids entertained in the house, keep them off the electronics or stop them from watching TV all day. Here are 10 free things to do with the kids this summer holiday indoors

  1. Research your family tree – this can be really good and it will teach the kids about your family history
  2. Dress up – kids love this, especially if you get involved. Get out your wedding dress or let them wear your clothes, they seem to love that. Make it into a role play or game.
  3. Bake a cake – most of us have the ingredients lying around. If the kids aren’t about waiting try this Microwave cake!
  4. Board games – board games can be overlooked as an activity, but it’s actually a really great way to pass some time.
  5. Take Photos – Let them lose with the camera and see what they come up with. Print them off and display them too!
  6. Look through photo albums – Maisie loves to look through her baby photos and equally loves laughing at ours!
  7. Have a bubble ball – we picked up a small bubble machine for £3 and it fills the room with bubbles in minutes. Put some music on and have a boogie with your little people. Arthur loves it and runs around crazy.
  8. Origami  – I love origami and you can either show the kids yourself using online instructions like this from the British Museum or use this resource for some easy free printables
  9. Build a fort – use cushions and bed sheets or if you are feeling creative use any spare cardboard boxes you have lying around.
  10. Plan a food menu and cook together – Kids love cooking and this is a great way to teach them some valuable life skills too!
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Cloth Nappy friendly outfits for your little one!


Cloth nappies are usually a bit bulkier than single use disposable nappies. That can be very off putting for some Mums as it makes clothes shopping a bit of a nightmare. I’m here today to talk about cloth nappy friendly outfits for your little ones and how to get the most out of your little ones wardrobe.

  • In the newborn stage, vest extenders are a life saver. Your baby is already so tiny so sizing up is not an option, but these handy little things that can be picked up for a few pounds on Amazon. They extend the size of your vest to help them accommodate the size of your cloth nappy.


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Self Care tips for Mums

Being a Mum is by far the hardest job I have ever had. There is something so important about self care to me now, especially when I feel like I’m becoming stressed and short with my little ones. Lockdown has been such a test where normal service has been disrupted. Here are some of my self care tips for mums that you might find useful!

Take time on your own


This is a really important one. I feel like as a Mum, sometimes I feel like I am losing my individual identity. Although I am a parent and that is a big part of who I am, I still like other things that are separate from that. I take time on my own to do my makeup, read or do something creative. If you’re a single Mum, there is nothing wrong with taking an hour and focusing on doing something you like, leaving your kids entertained in front of the TV while you do it.

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When and how to talk to your daughter about puberty

So, before you get into this post I just wanted to say that it is purely for advice purposes only drawing on my experiences with my daughter. Everyone will feel differently about this subject and that is completely fine, I just wanted to offer some advice on when and how to talk to your daughter about puberty.

Emma Ellis, The Plus Size Of life, When and how to talk to your daughter about puberty, family blog, family life Pictures of two puberty books

I ordered Maisie some lovely books from my friend who sells Usborne Books at Home. They deal with EVERYTHING, so you might just want to use something like this as more of a reference. I could not find much advice online and I thought this would be a great opportunity to share some ideas on when and how to talk to your daughter about puberty.

It’s not just the puberty stuff, they deal with things such as anxieties, moods and feelings and health and wellness too! I also really like how Growing up for Girls deals with really important things like sexuality, coming out and homophobic bullying.

Is she ready?

My daughter has just turned 9 years old. She has always asked me questions about my period and I have always been honest with her about what it is. Over the last few months however, she has become more interested in talking about it and when it will happen to her so I think now is the perfect time to begin the conversations about puberty.

I think when asking the question about whether your daughter is ready or not, you should consider what age she is and how much she already knows about periods etc as I think it’s really important that they understand what is going to happen wayyyyyy before it does.

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