Lockdown Homeschooling: Expectation Vs Reality

So I shared this meme from Mum of Boys and Mabel on my own personal Facebook page last week and though it was hilarious because it is so true! It got me thinking about what we did when we started the lockdown homeschooling and how we do it now. So I thought I would share this lighthearted post comparing my expectations vs reality!

Expectation: Operating to my perfectly planned timetable

Reality: Yes, this one was bound to fail before we got very far! Nothing is going to run to time when you have an 8 year old and a 1 year old in tow. However, I like writing lists so I thought yup! Structure is what I need. Little did I know that even if you plan the timetable somewhat around the school structure and your toddlers routine, it still will not go to plan.

We had points where Maisie was rushing work, so finishing before the allocated time. We had moments where Arthur just went into complete meltdown and I had to sort him out before I could carry on with helping Maisie with her work.

So now we have ditched the timetable, Maisie mostly uses SeeSaw and completes the tasks that her teachers have set her, mostly in her own time with a break for a snack and lunch. Then if I feel she hasn’t done enough we have some extra worksheets etc. The school are providing a good all round timetable of work, so I feel like she is getting most of what she needs to be.



Expectation: “It’s year 4 work, how hard can it be?”

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What the Coronavirus lockdown has taught me

Image by Matt Seymour

I would be lying if I said that when Boris announced the UK was going to lockdown, I was fine with that. In fact I was super scared. The Coronavirus has caused absolute chaos to our lives and grief to others I can’t even comprihend. Reflecting on my own personal experience, I wanted to share what the Coronavirus lockdown has taught me.

How to be at home

I have always been a working parent since I had my first child in 2011. Working was my own personal way of getting a little bit of sanity and in all honesty time away from being a Mum and wife. I enjoyed my job, but since I went back to work after having Arthur, it was becoming more and more difficult for me to enjoy leaving my children and paying for someone else to look after them.

At the end of February I was signed off work with my anxiety, it was the worst I have been in around 8 years and whilst off I just thought to myself “why am I doing this?” We crunched some numbers and decided that we could manage so when I went back to work I handed my notice in. Working my notice, I began to feel regret and guilt for taking my children away from a childcare setting they loved and I began to doubt that I had made the right decision.

Then the Coronavirus lockdown was announced and being unable to work from home, suddenly, that was it. I no longer had a job and I was a stay at home Mum. Being thrust into it meant that all my doubts about leaving work were diminished, I felt confident being at home and confident that I would smash it, I didn’t really have a choice.

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