Plus Size and Pregnant: Pregnancy Diary 25 to 37 Weeks!

So as most of you may know, I’ve already had my baby! But I continued to update my plus size and pregnant: pregnancy diary but I just never got around to posting it on my blog because Arthur was born at just under 38 weeks. So here is the last part of my pregnancy diary!

25 and 26 Weeks

In my last pregnancy diary, I talked about my struggle with morning sickness. It’s not getting much better and I’m currently signed off work with Hyperemesis. It can be such a debilitating illness during pregnancy and to be honest I’m really struggling. I think the worst thing about it is that if you haven’t had it, you cannot relate! Like the feeling of nausea is so overwhelming and you literally have to lay still otherwise you feel like you might pass out. That coupled with vomiting over 6 times a day is just the worst and I’ve been constantly worried about not being at work. I think for most women, this can go away as you reach the second trimester but unfortunately not in my case. Fortunately I know I haven’t had it as bad as some women can, so I’m feeling slightly blessed!

I haven’t seen the midwife or consultant for a while but next week I have a scan and am also seeing my midwife so hopefully everything will be ok!

27 Weeks

I had 3 medical appointments at 27 weeks after not having many recently. When it is your second pregnancy you don’t see the Midwife as often as with your first for some reason.

The first appointment was to have my gestational diabetes test. It’s a 3 hour test and you have to fast from 10.30pm the night before. I haven’t been eating the best due to the Hyperemesis but managed to have some noodles before going to bed. I woke up feeling horrendous, but managed to get myself looking presentable and out the door for 8am. I was waiting outside for my father in law to pick me up and was throwing up down the drain. I was so bad I thought I wouldn’t be able to complete the test. I arrived at the hospital and I just knew it would be a farse! They struggled to take my first set of bloods and left both my arms in bits after like 6 attempts in several veins. Once the first set of bloods were taken, I had to drink this very sugary drink, basically flat Lucozade and then sit in the waiting room for 2 and a half hours or so and have my blood taken again. I felt horrendous for like the first hour, but I managed to keep the drink down as I didn’t want to have to come back another time for the test.

When it was finally time to go and have my blood taken again, I had to tell them to try and take it from somewhere else as where they had poked around before was so bruised and sore. After several attempts, they had to call a Midwife in to take the blood and she found a different vein and got it straight away which was a relief.

My results came back all clear which was awesome!

I also went for a growth scan this week. I was soooo excited because we were desperate to find out the sex of our baby. However, this did not quite go to plan! As I walked in I asked the sonographer straight away if she could tell me the sex and she abruptly refused as it was not policy to reveal that information after 20 weeks. I was so upset, but managed to keep it together for the scan. I asked at the end if everything was ok with the baby and the sonographer again was so abrupt and said the Doctor would discuss things with me.

I went in to see the Doctor, who told me that everything was fine with the baby, but they were worried about the femur measurement as it had not grow as much as expected. She reassured me that the other measurements had progressed fine and they were not worried about anything but they wanted to book me in for another scan in two weeks time to check progress.

I also saw my midwife this week, had my 28 week bloods checked and discussed feeding options etc

28 Weeks

After not being able to find out the sex of our baby at our last scan, James and I decided to book a private gender scan. We looked online and found a company called Ultrasound Direct and booked their Gender Scan which cost £39. After having such negative experiences with my NHS scans, I was so worried that they wouldn’t be able to tell us the gender or even see it because of my BMI.

We arrived and waited anxiously, within 2 minutes of being scanned the sonographer was able to tell us the gender of our baby. I felt so calm and relaxed for the first time in a long time when having something like this done. We were delighted! We even got a 4D preview included, which was slightly weird to see on the screen.

I would definitely recommend Ultrasound Direct of you are looking to have a private scan. They offer so many different options and have various locations around the UK so if you are thinking about booking one definitely check them out. Anyway, you all now know we had a boy!!! James and Maisie were right!

29 Weeks

I’m still signed off work with sickness. It seems to be easing off throughout the afternoon which has been a welcome change.

I had another growth scan this week and trust me when I say it was more than eventful. The scan went fine, baby had grown well and followed the curve. I had a consultant appointment after ward and she discussed about my options for the birth and the possibility of being induced. I said I was against this and wanted to go into labour naturally. My consultant said she was happy with this as long as baby continues to grow above the tenth centile line and his growth doesn’t stop or slow down.

It was after this where things took a turn for the worst. I was sat waiting for my notes back only to witness the clerk leave them open I fill view on the reception desk while she totted off somewhere to deal with something else. Several members of the public were around checking in for appointments etc and my notes were just there freely available for them to read!!!

I let it go but I was so mad! I rang my Mum to talk about how well it went and then about an hour later my phone rang. It was the hospital, the lady on the phone said the Consultant was requesting that I return to see her at the hospital. I asked why and she said she couldn’t tell me. Panic mode set in …. I am the actual worst with stuff like this. I was on my own as well as James was unable to come. So I got on the bus back up to the hospital ran through to the other side and let reception know I was back. It was an anxious wait, I had tears rolling down my face I was so scared they were going to tell me they had missed something and that our baby boy was not actually ok.

Turns out… they had sent me away with someone else’s notes inserted into mine. I mean I know its a huge data protection issue, but why not just tell me on the phone rather than have me all scared rushing back to the hospital assuming the worst.

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You Have The Right To Remain Fat- A Manifesto by Virgie Tovar

When I was contacted recently and asked if I would like to review a copy of You Have The Right To Remain Fat, A Manifesto by Virgie Tovar, I can’t say it was an author I had ever heard of. The title of the book definitely intrigued me and I couldn’t wait to get my copy and start reading.

you have the right to remain fat, virgie tovar, emma ellis, the plus size of life

As soon as the book and press release arrived, I instantly recognised the picture of Virgie and you just may too. Virgie is a fat activist and an expert and lecturer on fat discrimination and body image. If like me you’ve ever used #LoseHateNotWeight on Instagram, you guessed it, Virgie started that campaign. Virgie herself constantly dieted for 2 decades and believed that her body was something to be fixed, until she decided to ditch diet culture and now helps others do the same. If you do not follow her on any social media, go do it NOW!

First of all, I just wanted to say that I adore the cover of this book, it features a circle of women’s bodies, all different shapes and sizes. Me and my daughter had some fun when it first arrived trying to recreate as many of the poses as possible, which was fun. It’s such a great memory I have as I remember that no negative words were used towards any of the bodies from my little girl. She was amazed how these women could make all different shapes which made me able to explain to her how amazing all body shapes are and how they can do amazing things.

You have the right to remain fat is a short but incredibly sweet manifesto calling for the end of oppressive diet culture. At only 128 pages, it’s an easy read that will have you not only agreeing with a lot of it’s sentiments but also thinking about relatable times in your life, similar to the experiences that Virgie depicts. What makes this manifesto inspiring for me is that the author combines her own personal and relatable experiences of being fat with extensive research, Virgie is able to smash the wall that is diet culture into tiny little pieces. As I was reading I was literally sat thinking “oh yeahhhhhh” at so many points Virgie made – like when you have a moment of realisation. This book takes you on the author’s personal journey to loving her body, from childhood to adulthood.

As it is such a short manifesto, I don’t want to go into too much detail about the content as I’m sure plenty of you will enjoy reading this yourselves so what I thought was I would pick out some of my favourite quotes from the book and then share with you how they resonated with me.

“Everyone ends up in one of two camps: they are either living the pointed reality of fatphobic bigotry or they are living in fear of becoming subject to it”

This quote makes me think about most  of the women I know at the moment who are dieting. Some are doing it to get to the ideal weight they think they should be – to society’s norm and is that so surprising? Just this morning Dan Walker cracked a joke about a fat person eating chocolate on BBC Breakfast. I literally screamed at the TV. It’s no wonder people feel like they need to lose weight and those who fit into societies norm are terrified of becoming the butt of the jokes, as joking about fat people is so common in friendship groups across the globe.

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Plus Size and Pregnant – Pregnancy Diary 13-24 weeks

Welcome to another post in my plus size and pregnant segment, where i talk about all things to do with my pregnancy. I know it’s been quite a while since my last update, but I’ve really been suffering! But I’m back today to update you on my pregnancy once again. If you missed my first update, you can read it by clicking here!

13 Weeks

After seeing my baby last week at the scan, I was really apprehensive to go and see the consultant. I had been referred by the midwife because of my BMI or so I assumed. I went along to the appointment and I was so nervous because I thought that i was about to get a lecture about my weight etc as I’ve heard so many stories.

The consultant was lovely. Basically she said to me that she had no idea why I had been referred so early as there were currently no complications with my pregnancy and all my test results so far had been fine. She did however mention that one of the reasons I was referred was because my last baby was small, I needed to be monitored and by this I was slightly confused. When Maisie was born, no one had ever said she was a small baby so this was news to us. I was prescribed a higher dose of folic acid to take for my whole pregnancy, a low dose of aspirin and told to also take a multivitamin. I am really worried about taking the aspirin, as in the leaflet it says that it can cause complications with the baby.

Emma Ellis, the plus size of life, plus size and pregnant, 16 to 24 weeks

14 Weeks

I’ve managed to have three days with no sickness this week, which is huge for me. I feel like I’m finally starting to get over it and hopefully soon I will be feeling more like my usual self.

I’ve noticed changes in my skin, I’m not as spotty at the moment but I’m definitely a lot more oily. I’m assuming this is down to me no longer using my products from The Ordinary as i’m not sure how they would affect things with them being exfoliators and if they would pass into the blood or not :/

My little girl is getting excited about becoming a big sister. She is convinced that we are going to have a boy!!

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Plus Size and Pregnant – Pregnancy Diary weeks 9 to 12

As the first post in my Plus Size and Pregnant series, I thought I would share my pregnancy diary from 9 -12 weeks to get you up to date with what’s been happening while we have been keeping the baby a secret 🙂


Week 9 

I’m so happy that I’m pregnant, another child in the family is something that James and I have wanted for a while, but I guess it just wasn’t the right time! Now definitely is and we were both really excited when we found out recently!

I’m not going to lie, since I found out that a few weeks ago I have been feeling really ill and vomiting every single day. Some days have been a real struggle. At the moment, I feel a little bit of a failure, my normal daily routine is a bit of a shambles. I’m not keeping up with the housework or spending as much quality time with my family mainly because once I get home from work I’m going to sleep.

I’ve been late to work on occasion due to needing to leave the house later, plus I’ve been going home early meaning I owe so much in flexi time! I made the decision to share my pregnancy at work with my bosses and HR because of the way I have been feeling. So far they have been really supportive even when I’ve had to take a few days off. I would advise that if you are struggling with pregnancy related sickness, that you share what’s going on with your boss. It will be a weight off your shoulders and if you do have to take time off it will not be treated or actioned the same way that other sickness is in the workplace.

Plus size and pregnant, pregnancy diary 9 to 12 weeks, emma ellis, the plus size of life, plus size blogger, plus size, plus size and pregnant

Week 10

I’ve seen the Midwife for my booking appointment. It went well and I was around 10 weeks pregnant at the time. It was at this appointment that I was informed that due to my BMI being high, my pregnancy was classed as high risk and I suddenly started to feel extremely guilty for getting pregnant at my size once I was hearing the risks associated with being overweight. My midwife was lovely, she was extremely supportive and stressed that she was not there to judge me, but that her job was to provide the best care she can for me and my unborn child.The midwife explained that I would most likely have to have consultant led care as well as seeing her and that I would need extra scans to check that everything was ok.

I felt so overwhelmed at this appointment as there is so much to discuss. We went through my medical history, talked about my mental health, migraines and how to cope with stress and anxiety during pregnancy. We also looked at any family history which could cause problems during pregnancy or after the birth. I had blood taken and sent off for testing. I haven’t heard anything back from the Midwife since, so I’m assuming those tests were all clear.  I was also pleased to learn that my blood pressure was normal, so no complications so far. After the appointment, I began to feel better about being plus size and pregnant. I told myself that plenty of women had healthy pregnancies and babies at my size so I just needed to relax.

Plus size and pregnant, pregnancy diary 9 to 12 weeks, emma ellis, the plus size of life, plus size blogger, plus size, plus size and pregnant

Week 11

It was after this appointment that the sickness came back with a vengeance. I had previously been given Cyclizine to control it, but this was no longer helping. After three days of constant nausea and vomiting, I went to see the doctor again and he prescribed me Metoclopromide and signed me off work for two weeks. I was physically and emotionally drained and just needed to rest.I felt like the doctor was not really that understanding, he wrote “Morning Sickness” on my fit note, which to me doesn’t accurately reflect the situation at all. I’ve been experiencing this at all times of the day no matter what I’m doing. It’s so debilitating, it makes me feel so low, like I’m a failure as a wife and mother because I’m struggling to keep it together. Above all I’m sick of being sick. Luckily, I haven’t been as bad as some and am able to keep some fluids down to keep myself hydrated.

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I’ve got some news ….

I’m pregnant!

Wow, it feels so great to finally type that! James and I have wanted to share the news for a few weeks it feels like we’ve known forever (even though we haven’t) but also wanted to wait until we had the first scan to make sure everything was ok!

It’s not my first baby, I already have a 6 year old daughter, but this pregnancy will be very different to my last. Mostly because of my weight, which I know puts me into a certain category as far as midwives and doctors are concerned but I’m not worried, I’m just looking forward to enjoying my pregnancy and meeting our new addition at the end of it.

I wasn’t blogging during my last pregnancy but I’ve got so many ideas to document my pregnancy! Most of my posts will come under “Plus Size and Pregnant” so keep your eyes open for them. Throughout May i’m focusing on the early stages of pregnancy, like when to tell people you’re expecting and how to cope with morning sickness.

I’m going to share my personal pregnancy experiences in a monthly diary, mainly because i’m struggling to find any relatable info online at the moment about what I may experience being plus size and pregnant, which sucks and I’d like others to be able to read my experiences if they need to. The first instalment of that is coming tomorrow so make sure you don’t miss it.

I’m also hoping to share my fashion hacks for us pregnant plus size babes, I’m going to share my beauty tips and my survival skills and of course all the cute things I’m buying!! My mind is full of great content ideas and I may also extend this into some YouTube videos and Instagram stories, so make sure you are following me on all my social media platforms! My links can be found in the sidebar.

I’m so excited for the future and I can’t wait to start sharing my experiences with you!

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The vintage touch feat JD Williams*

For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted a dressing table in my bedroom. I’ve trawled the charity shops and Ebay and also asked friends to keep a look out for anything they thought would be suitable. I wasn’t really that fussy, but I knew that I wanted something that would add the vintage touch to my room.

I found a gorgeous vnitage dressing table on Ebay, with plenty of storage and a huge mirror! The seller was not too far from me and the listing was ending on new years eve so I knew I had a great chance of winning the auction for a great price. I sat there as it was ending and I put in a maximum bid of £11 and I WON!

Once I had the dressing table home, I began to upcycle it. I chose to go with a cream paint and a dark wood, the same as I have done with all of the furniture in our bedroom. It looked so flawless when I had finished I was so proud as it had taken me a whole weekend to perfect!

I was then contacted by JD Williams, who asked if I would like to try some new bedding and I thought it was a great opportunity to add something to my newly arranged bedroom. On going to their website, I was really surprised to see that they had such a wide range of different bedding sets, there was literally something for any type of theme or feel, and it took me a while to choose which one I really wanted. I knew I had to get something that added the vintage touch to the room along with my new dressing table.

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Beauty Bucket List – Part 1

So I thought for today’s post I’d try something a little bit different. Welcome to my Beauty Bucket list. There are 15 different things on my list and I’m going to split it up across a few months and reveal 5 things on my list in each post!

Have you ever thought “I’d love to try that” or “I wish I could apply that better”, that’s what this beauty bucket list is all about! It’s all the little things I wish I could do but just never get around to it. So here we go, the first part of my beauty bucket list counting down from 15:

15.  Master winged eyeliner

We’ve all seen the beauty gurus and makeup artists online who are so amazing at applying eyeliner they are just showing off. Why can’t mine be that easy, it literally takes me 5 minutes on each eye, I always have to have the wipes ready and the line never looks completely flawless. So I’m tired of just being able to apply a wing, I want to master it! I have a weird eye shape on the outer corner so i’d love to be able to find the right wing for my eye shape.  I’d love to venture into the world of gel liner too, which I only use on the lid if I want to do a dramatic smokey eye.

14. Try a fringe

Ok, so I have been growing my hair for years now and it is finally all the same length. I’d love to get a fringe cut in just to see what it is like. The problem is I am so scared to do it. What happens if I don’t like it

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Looking forward in 2018!

So this isn’t going to be a new year’s resolution post, god knows I hate all that crap that’s floating around at this time of year.

I wanted to take this opportunity to just let you know that you should not let anyone make you feel like you need to change because it’s diet season, if you’re happy then just try your best to roll with it and be you. At the same time, if you want to diet and exercise that is also cool, you go for it and make sure you’re doing it for you. Also remember not to thrust your views on others, everyone has their own journey and you never know where someone is at. The best way to think about it is “I’m doing this for me” and keep opinions to yourself, that way you don’t upset anyone.

Anyway, I felt like I just had to get that out of the way, time to move onto what I really wanted to talk about in this post.

A huge thing for me this last year was that I’m definitely not where I wanted to be with my career at all. Towards the end of 2017, day to day work was becoming a MASSIVE chore for me. I’d wake up and not want to go at all (I don’t know why but I just wanted to cry at the thought of walking in) I think it’s various things, but mainly I suppose I just feel like I should be doing more. Now that I’ve had some time off and spent some quality time with my family I’ve realised that this is one major change I need to make.


I started to neglect blogging and social media quite a lot. I’m sort of getting back into it but I just need to stop making excuses and put the time in. It can be hard when you work full time and have a family but I know that I can do it, especially if I want it to be successful! My main goals for the blog will be to post regularly, interact on social media and become more active in the Plus Size community. I’m not fussed about creating goals around stats or numbers really as long as I’m doing what I love and people are loving my content I’m happy 🙂

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Plus Size Fashion and Beauty Black Friday Deals!

So, it’s that time of year again where we all go mental for a bargain before Christmas and with party season just around the corner, what better way to shop this black friday than for your favourite fashion and beauty essentials! All the deals I’m sharing are for either plus size fashion or beauty! Please not this post contains afilliate links, please check out my disclaimer for more info!

Black Friday Beauty Deals!

Tam Beauty – The home of Makeup Revolution amongst others has up to a massive 70% off across their site at the moment. This deal lasts until 27th November! Not only that but as a standard you get free delivery on all UK orders over £30! Shop here

Superdrug – If you’re in the market for some new makeup brushes,you can save up to HALF PRICE  on selected Real Techniques! It’s time to stock up on those Miracle Complexion Sponges I think!  This offer is running until the 02/12 so grab yourself a bargain by clicking here 

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Our time in Koh Phangan!

Hi loves! Another travel related post today! I suppose I’m really pining for a holiday and the trouble is when you want to get away you start thinking about the places you have visited that you will remember for the rest of your life. Today I wanted to talk about my time in Koh Phangan in Thailand!

There are lots of different types of Thailand holiday’s, so when my husband and I traveled to Thailand for a friend’s wedding, we planned our trip so we could visit as many places as possible and at the top of the list was to go to a full moon party. We however wanted a nice balance between relaxing and partying!

Now I think we all know that Koh Phangan is the place to experience the full moon party. So after a little bit of research, I booked us a hotel at the other side of the Island to the town where the full moon parties happen. Obviously before you go, you make assumptions about the type of place you are visiting. I presumed that this Island would be the place to be for nightlife and partying, James and I do love to party, but we are a little bit older so like to relax as well.

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