When and how to talk to your daughter about puberty

So, before you get into this post I just wanted to say that it is purely for advice purposes only drawing on my experiences with my daughter. Everyone will feel differently about this subject and that is completely fine, I just wanted to offer some advice on when and how to talk to your daughter about puberty.

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I ordered Maisie some lovely books from my friend who sells Usborne Books at Home. They deal with EVERYTHING, so you might just want to use something like this as more of a reference. I could not find much advice online and I thought this would be a great opportunity to share some ideas on when and how to talk to your daughter about puberty.

It’s not just the puberty stuff, they deal with things such as anxieties, moods and feelings and health and wellness too! I also really like how Growing up for Girls deals with really important things like sexuality, coming out and homophobic bullying.

Is she ready?

My daughter has just turned 9 years old. She has always asked me questions about my period and I have always been honest with her about what it is. Over the last few months however, she has become more interested in talking about it and when it will happen to her so I think now is the perfect time to begin the conversations about puberty.

I think when asking the question about whether your daughter is ready or not, you should consider what age she is and how much she already knows about periods etc as I think it’s really important that they understand what is going to happen wayyyyyy before it does.

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All about cloth nappies


When I tell people that we use cloth nappies, I always get one of two reactions. The first is that screwed up ewwwww that’s disgusting face. The second is “how do you have the time???” I think cloth nappies are starting to become more and more popular amongst new mums than ever before, people are really starting to think about the effects of disposable nappies on our planet and want to do their bit to help. I get so many questions from people on my social media about where to start so I thought I would use this post to talk about our cloth nappies and how we got started, as well as using it as a way to signpost you to some helpful articles and websites.

Choosing the right type of nappy for you

Cloth nappies have come a long way since the days of terry squares closed with a pin. Although these are still an option which many use, you now have all in one nappies, pocket nappies, two part nappies, all in twos and prefolds, the list is quite frankly endless. This is something only you can decide. I’m going to signpost you here to The Nappy Lady, who shares some helpful tips on advice on how to choose the right nappy for you. Just because something works for me and my child, doesn’t mean that it will work for you.

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Ten things having children taught me

Hello! Welcome back to The Plus Size of Life, today is a mixture of light hearted and also serious things having children taught me

1.There is a 2am that doesn’t involve being anywhere near a nightclub

Gone are the days of bouncing around with your girlfriends to The Spice Girls and leaving a nightclub when the sun is coming up. The first few months of being a mother are EXHAUSTING, but somehow you just get through it. 2am looks so different when you have a hungry baby hanging off your breast and bags under your eyes from lack of sleep.

2. Cbeebies has some creepy shows

This isn’t even an exaggeration. With Maisie it was In the Night Garden and the latest one being Moon and Me, which Arthur loves. Collywobble is the stuff of nightmares!! It’s not all bad though, occasionally, Tom Hardy reads the bed time story.

3. Screaming at someone is an acceptable way to ask for something

Want those grapes? Just point and scream. Maisie went through this phase and Arthur is going through it right now. It gratesssss on me so much. The worst being when we are all sat eating tea, he has the exact same as us and is pointing at my plate screaming because he wants mine like it’s something magical compared to his.

4. Crying because someone cut your toast into squares and not triangles is a genuine emotion

Anything can set your child off. ANYTHING! So just make sure you clarify exactly how it is they want something to avoid the meltdown of the century and avoid being accused of ruining it.

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Lockdown Homeschooling: Expectation Vs Reality

So I shared this meme from Mum of Boys and Mabel on my own personal Facebook page last week and though it was hilarious because it is so true! It got me thinking about what we did when we started the lockdown homeschooling and how we do it now. So I thought I would share this lighthearted post comparing my expectations vs reality!

Expectation: Operating to my perfectly planned timetable

Reality: Yes, this one was bound to fail before we got very far! Nothing is going to run to time when you have an 8 year old and a 1 year old in tow. However, I like writing lists so I thought yup! Structure is what I need. Little did I know that even if you plan the timetable somewhat around the school structure and your toddlers routine, it still will not go to plan.

We had points where Maisie was rushing work, so finishing before the allocated time. We had moments where Arthur just went into complete meltdown and I had to sort him out before I could carry on with helping Maisie with her work.

So now we have ditched the timetable, Maisie mostly uses SeeSaw and completes the tasks that her teachers have set her, mostly in her own time with a break for a snack and lunch. Then if I feel she hasn’t done enough we have some extra worksheets etc. The school are providing a good all round timetable of work, so I feel like she is getting most of what she needs to be.



Expectation: “It’s year 4 work, how hard can it be?”

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