Freedom Makeup Pro Blush and Highlight Palette review!

Hi all, I’m still in builder hell at mine, so for now my fashion posts have taken a back seat, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t room for beauty on the blog! Like any self respecting makeup addict, I love a good highlight! This Freedom Makeup Pro Blush and Highlight Palette review features the bronze and baked palette!

Since Freedom Makeup is one of Makeup Revolutions sister brands, I was so eager to get my hands on something when I saw that they sold it in my local Superdrug. I thought I would choose a blush palette, as I love the blush palettes from Makeup Revolution. I myself prefer a brown or light pink toned blusher when applying my makeup rather than something warmer and orangy pink, that is why I chose the bronze and baked palette.

In this palette you get a mixture of highlighter, blusher and bronzer. I’m assuming the lighter shades are highlighters and the darker shades are blushes, with two bronzers placed in the middle.

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NYX Matte Lipstick in Goal Digger review!

When it comes to darker shades of lipstick, I’m a bit of a newbie. I finally found one that I actually like on myself, it was so hard to choose but I decided to share my choice with you, it’s the NYX Matte Lipstick in Goal Digger!


So NYX is everywhere at the moment, my local Boots now have a huge stand and where better to head for advice on the perfect dark lipstick for me than to the NYX counter. I went one lunch time and spoke to a wonderful and helpful lady. I just said I wanted a dark plum shade and she picked this out straight away. Not only did she choose off the top of her head, she made sure I liked it and then tested it out on me and expertly applied it to my lips! I did feel a little bit nervous because I have never worn anything as daring as this during the day let alone to work! I told her how nervous I was about wearing it and she gave me some great advice about how it was all in the confidence!

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Collection Glam Crystals Dazzling Gel Liner Review and 3 ways to rock it!

Lately I’ve been getting more and more daring with my makeup looks, stepping away from regular eyeshadow and trying something different. I discovered Collection Glam Crystals Dazzling Gel liner recently and I’ve been using it religiously to add a touch of glam to some of my evening eye looks! Even better is that it is an absolute bargain beauty buy! I thought I would do a small review for you and show you my 3 favourite ways to wear it!

Firstly, glitter for life and not just for Christmas! I love adding it to my makeup looks all year round because I deserve to sparkle and shine! I have the Collection Glam Crystals Dazzling Gel Liner in 3 Shades – 01 Glitz, 03 Funk and 09 Retro Chic.  I got 2 of them in Boots, but I picked up 09 Retro Chic in Poundland!


These liners are particularly easy to work with, they come with an uber fine applicator and are basically just glitter contained in a super-fast drying clear gel! They are so easy to build up and can be worn alone or over the top of eyeshadow making it super simple to create the look you want! They last forever without needing to touch them up and seriously compliment any eye look you can think of. There is such an awesome range of colours, from classic golds and silvers all the way to daring blues and fuchsias, so there really is something for every occasion. Now onto the looks!


I used 09 Retro Chic for this and I love how it stands out. I kept the lid bare, but you could add some definition to the crease with a medium brown shadow. Finish with lashings of black mascara or even your favourite falsies.

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Oval Makeup Brushes – worth the hype?

Maybe I’m a little late to the party with this post but If you’re into beauty and watching tutorials you will have seen some version of the oval makeup brushes somewhere. I have seen people rave about them and I have seen others call them a flop! Nevertheless, I was so excited when James bought me a set of them as a Christmas gift and I wanted to review them for you all!


The set James bought for me is by a company called Rio and it’s the Essential Microfibre Cosmetic Brush Collection. The set claims to help you achieve a flawless, airbrushed complexion when applying liquid, powder and cream cosmetics. . In this set there are five brushes all different shapes and sizes, each brush is made up of tens of thousands of soft microfibers, all crafted with a special tapered tip which curve around the contours of the face


Brush 1 – The Oval 8 Brush

This is the largest of the brushes and can be used for several things, including foundation, powder and contouring. I have used this for applying both liquid and powder foundation and the finished look is flawless. I love how easy this was to use to really buff the products into the skin and create a flawless finish. The fibres are so soft and they are really packed tight. I feel like I don’t use nearly as much foundation as I do with a blender now I use this brush and the finish created is so even. I think this is my favourite brush of them all.

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Party perfect lashes!

*This post contains affiliate links – check my disclaimer for more info 🙂 I have used and love all of the products linked!

For me, eyelashes are something that is an essential part of my night out makeup routine! Whether you’re new to lashes or a pro in this post you will find all the info you need to get party perfect lashes!


If you’re new to lashes or you like the more natural look then these Kiss So Natural Iconic Lashes are perfect for you. What I love about the kiss lashes is that most of the styles have a lovely lash band which make them easy to apply, these are my go to lash when I have a really dramatic shadow look but I still want to make my eyes pop!

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Makeup Revolution hits and misses!

I adore Makeup Revolution, but sometimes the products are just not what I expected them to be like! With such a vast range to choose from, it can be hard to decide what to buy. So to give you an idea I thought I would share my Makeup Revolution hits and misses with you which contains my favourite products as well as some that for me just did not work!


1. I love all the £4 eyeshadow palettes from Makeup Revolution, but my favourite of all of them has to be the Iconic 3. It is my go to palette for everyday looks and is so pigmented! I buy this often because I use it so much!

2. The Fortune Favours the Brave palette is a fairly recent buy of mine and boy was it worth it. The palette is something special and has some many gorgeous pigments in. It is perfect for the party season as there are some gorgeous marbled shadows to make your eyes really pop!

3. The first blush palette I bought  was the Golden Sugar and it is my all time fave. This is perfect for me as I have quite pale skin and don’t like anything too dark! I love how the blush and highlight shades compliment each other whichever ones you choose!

4. Being new to creating intense eye looks, I was looking for a crease brush that wouldn’t break the bank and this is the one I chose. I love love love it and use it every single day. 

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Five makeup tips that changed my makeup game!

I have always loved makeup, it is my favourite thing about my day. I love just getting up and getting my face on, it makes me feel so much more confident and ready for anything. That said, I have had to learn a few things on the way so whether you’re a veteran or just starting to try new things I wanted to share with you five makeup tips that changed my makeup game!


This may seem pretty obvious, but because I have oily skin, I only ever used to moisturise on an evening. I thought that moisturising the skin before applying makeup made the oil I produced throughout the day worse, when in actual fact it does the opposite! Keeping the skin well moisturised with an oil free formula helps to rehydrate the skin and balance the skins natural levels which in time means you may stop producing as much oil. Try something likeClinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Gel £30 to help control that shine! Wayne Goss also swears by using lashings of moisturiser before foundation for a smooth finish – girls it really works!

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Sleek Makeup Lip VIP Scandalous metallic lipstick!

Happy Monday!! I hope yours goes as well as I am hoping that mine will! Today is a review of the Sleek Makeup Lip VIP Scandalous Metallic Lipstick!

Unless you have been hidden under a rock, you will no doubt know that Sleek Makeup recently launched their Rockstars Collection. Within that collection were two amazing metallic lipsticks and I knew as soon as I saw the shade Scandalous that I had to have it! These lipsticks come under the Sleek Makeup Lip VIP range which have been around a while. They provide semi matte coverage that packs a punch with great pigmentation and awesome coverage!


What makes these different to other Lip VIP lipsticks is the bullet of the lipstick and how it is shaped like a diamond, you can definitely tell they are part of the Rockstars Collection!

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Toppik Brow Building Fibers Set*

Happy Friday! Hope everyone is planning an awesome weekend! We are travelling to Scotland to see our family and celebrate my Aunties 50th birthday which I’m too excited about, for now I have a review of the Toppik Brow Building Fibers set!



My natural brows are incredibly sparse, this is down to years of over plucking them at school because it was the in thing to have a thin brow! So I was over the moon to be offered the chance to review the Toppik Brow Building Fibers Set. I chose the colour Dark brown because I have really dark hair at the moment and thought this would match perfectly.

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Makeup Revolution Flawless Palette Review!

Happy Monday, this week is going to be a beauty filled week on the blog, starting with a review of the Makeup Revolution Flawless Palette.

Like most makeup lovers, I adore Makeup Revolution! Their products are really high quality and affordable which make them perfect if you’re on a budget like me! I have had the Flawless Matte palette for a while now, but since I have been experimenting with my eyeshadow looks lately, I really wanted to try a palette like this that had a mix of textures!


In true Makeup Revolution style, the packaging is flawless, this particular palette comes in a lovely shiny box, which you can just see peeping in the last photo, which makes it stand out. The shadow pans themselves are housed in the signature sleek black palette that I have come to expect from this brand.

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