Being a working mum …

This is something that I struggle with, I feel guilty alot for working full time instead of being there to do everything with my daughter.  I wanted to do a post on this and talk about what it is like being a working mum and how I cope with the work/life balance!

When my daughter was born, I was a full time University student. I went back to complete the final year of my course when my daughter was just 3 months old, I managed to get my degree and then start work straight away! I think this is why it has never been a struggle to work and be a mum for me because essentially I have done it from the very start.

That said, there’s something niggling that just gets me lately though, when I see just how much other mothers do wit2012-07-17-15-00-27h their children, I feel like somehow I’m missing out and so is my daughter.

You see, I don’t get up everyday and take my daughter to school, I get up and I leave about 6 am for work and my other half takes her to childcare at 7.30 in the morning and then she is taken to school from there. Likewise, I’m not there to pick her up when school finishes at 15.15, again she goes to childcare and is picked up around 6pm when we are both home from work.

Sometimes, I feel like this means I’m not good enough, like I’m failing my daughter in someway because on the odd occasion where I can take her to school, she gets emotional. I feel like it’s because she doesn’t want the moment to end because it hardly ever happens.

Then I feel I don’t know many of the other mums, which sometimes makes birthday parties extremely difficult for me. I suffer with anxiety anyway and find it really stressful in that type of scenario, where I feel like everyone already knows each other and then there is me!

But working works for me

I’m not ashamed to say that I enjoy my job and I enjoy going to work. I feel like at work I’m more than a mum and a wife, I have a purpose. As much as I love my family, someone relys on me for something else other than cleaning the toilet, cooking the tea or reading a bedtime story.

And for my family

I earn a wage, I’m bringing something to the table and to be honest, we would not have the quality of life we have now if I wasn’t working!

Plus my daughter is doing so well!

She is doing so well at school, she enjoys several activities outside of school hours and we just have the best time as a family. We enjoy a movie together at the weekend, we like long walks and telling spooky stories. Sometimes me and Maisie annoy daddy by tickling him too much!

It’s in mome20161008_172427nts like that that I stop and think “we’re doing ok here” when I see how happy she is, I know I shouldn’t feel guilty for setting an example and providing her with the best possible life that we can!

Every family is different and I know that being a working mum is not for everyone. I can tell you it’s stressful at times, you’re so tired when you get home someday’s that you just need to get into bed and have a sleep! But eventually you get yourself into a routine that works for you and your family and everything just falls into place.

I know in myself that having my independence away from my family makes me a stronger person and therefore I am the best Mum I can because of it!

Are you a working mum? How do you cope and balance work and being a mum?






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