Beauty on a Budget 4 – Intensive Hair Masks

I love a good hair mask!

I love nothing better than the silky feeling after a hot oil or a deep conditioning treatment, but I have learned over the years that you don’t need to spend a fortune to get great results!

I tend to use these intensive masks about once a week in the summer months, as my hair can become really dry!

Here are my favourite budget buys!!!


Dove Heat Therapy Self Warming Mask – £3.50 (Boots) or £1.00 (Pound World)

This stuff is amazing! There are two parts to this mask, the first is like a conditioner which comes in a sachet. It smells lovely and you apply this after shampooing all over your hair. The next, is a serum, this is the heat activating part and you add this onto the hair with the mask applied. Once you have done this you will feel it heat up immediately, its a strange feeling but this mask really does work. You leave it on for three minutes then wash it off.

It left my hair feeling silky smooth and glossy. It felt stronger and more hydrated. I pick these up when I can in the pound shop, as they are not always available. I took several of them to Thailand with us to keep my hair from becoming too dry in the heat.


Macadmaia Oil Extract Hair Mask – £1.00 (Pound World)

I actually adore this Macadamia oil hair mask, and at £1.00 it really is one of my top beauty bargains.  I was initially a bit sceptical, as I normally pay over 4 times the price for similar products on the high street. On the label it says to wash hair as normal, then towel dry and apply the mask, leaving on the hair for 7-10 minutes. This is longer than any of the other products I use but I can tell you that it is worth the wait! My hair was so silky, smooth and healthy looking, It has now replaced the Keratin smooth Deep Treatment Mask I was using by Tresemme, which was £5.50 for the same amount!

argan-shine-niisutav-juuksemask-150-ml Mellor and Russell Argan Shine Hair Repair Mask – £1.00 (Pound Land)

Finally, this Argan Shine mask is again from the pound shop! To be honest I was not as impressed by this as I was with the other products I have mentioned. It was more like a conditioner to me as opposed to a deep treatment. It did not make my hair feel any different to if I had just washed and conditioned it using my normal products. I don’t think I will be buying it again, but you never know it could work for you.

  I think that shopping around is key when looking for hair products in bargain stores. I tend to see branded products from time to time, like the Dove one above and today I saw a Pantene Mask in one of them. Sometimes I go back for something, and they don’t have any but will have it back about three weeks later, so as long as you buy it when you see it, you will never be without those bargain products you love!

Do you use these masks? Which products can you not live without for your hair?


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