Beauty on a Budget: Technic Eyeshadow Palettes

Hi everyone, thought I would share with you all my latest budget beauty find!

It seems that lately eyeshadow palettes are the in thing! and why not (because they are awesome) Gone are the days of three separate little pots of colour smashing in your make up bag, and I love the ease of having all the colours I need in one place. But with so many brands now producing these, its hard to know which to choose. High end ones come with a hefty price tag, and then some haven’t been impressed with offerings from the lower end brands, because of poor quality.

I believe high price tag doesn’t always mean the best quality,  I cannot afford to spend much on makeup, and I do shop around for it to find the best deals.  I love a bargain and believe that if you use it correctly you can achieve the desired effect.  In the past, I have been known for my slight addiction to Sleek Makeup palettes, but at £9 a time, it can really add up to keep myself in eyeshadow, especially the nude, matte colours as these are the ones I use the most. With most only having one light shade choice in the palette, I tend to run out of colours to blend with.

A while ago, I nipped into Bodycare for something and came across these little beauties, and I have been buying a different one every week since! And with them only costing between £1.29 and £1.49 each, they are a beauty steal, and have become a regular part of my make up routine.

Did I mention the best bit, all 9 that I have cost less than HALF the price of the 4 Sleek Palettes I have in my make up drawer right now!


Each one contains six shadows ranging from dark to light, with both matt and satin (or frost) finishes, so anyone can create the look they are going for. They come with double ended sponge applicators, but I don’t use these.

Sultry Collection

I have four of these; purples, browns, greens and blues. All of them are satin finishes, apart from the brown palette which has a mixture of matt and satin. I don’t really experiment with colours, but I am looking forward to using the blues and greens to create something a little different and out of my make up comfort zone!


From the Top: Purple Blue Green Brown

Misc Collection

These three palettes are all different, and they don’t belong to any named collection. They are all satin finshes, I have Smoky, Pastels and Bronze. I use these  mostly for going out.I actually bought the bronze to use for a grecian goddess look I am doing in a couple of weeks time for a fancy dress party. The smoky is a classic, I wear it literally everytime I go out with winged liner. I would definitely say that this is just as good as the Bourjouis  Smokey Eyes Trio I have which cost £7.50! The Pastel shades are so cute and will work well with spring/summer looks 🙂


From the Top: Smoky, Bronze and Pastels


Nude Collection

I have two of these, they contain exactly the same colours except one is a matt finish and one is a satin finish. These are the two that I probably use most, as I wear nude colours everyday. I love swapping between the two finishes and experimenting by blending the different colours.


Top: Satin Bottom: Matte

Overall, these miniature palettes are a steal! They are long lasting but I always wear a primer. I have been wearing them everyday for about 6/7 weeks now. The pigment is fine and they are easy to blend together. I am looking forward to trying the satin shades with a wet brush to see if they glitter and sparkle like some other products I use. I honestly think they can stand up against other bargain brands such as Make Up Revolution and MUA.

The only downside for me is that there aren’t enough Matte shadows, as this is where my loyalty lies for an everyday look, but at the price can I really complain?

Let me know what you think, will you be trying these?


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