Beauty buy of the month – Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask

Welcome to the first instalment of beauty buy of the month at The Plus Size of Life! I know I said this post would originally hit the blog on Friday, I couldn’t wait any longer! This new monthly feature is all about that one beauty product I have bought that I cannot get enough of! This month, it’s the Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask!

I’ve made no secret on the blog about my struggle with my terrible oily skin. Day to day, I only use oil free moisturiser and makeup so as to not add to the problem. I literally go out of my way everyday to avoid adding excess moisture to my skin, to use products that diffuse the oil and to make my skin as matte as it can be to make my makeup last! The trouble with that is that at least once a month, I notice patches of my skin that are dry and flaky because there literally is no moisture left in my skin.

When this happens, it can be so frustrating because it’s hard to find the perfect balance, to get rid of the dry and flaky without adding to the problem of the oil! I was researching intensive moisture treatments to help me and came across the Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask!

This mask claims to work specifically for dehydrated skin. It’s a one size fits all mask, and contains Pomegranate extract, hyaluronic acid and plant serum which all help to intensely rehydrate the skin as well as reduce the look of fine lines! It claims to diffuse the equivalent level of hydrating serum in 1 use as you would get from applying one weeks worth of day care! It is a hydration wrap mask and I couldnt wait to try because it sounded like exactly what I had been looking for.

To use the mask, carefully remove it from the packaging, this thing is reallllly wet, so make sure you don’t drop any on the bathroom floor because you will slip and slide everywhere! Next, apply the white side to the face leaving the blue side facing outward. Smooth the mask down and move it around to fit the contours of your face. Finally, remove the blue protective film and relax for fifteen minutes!

Sounds easy? I’m not going to lie it’s a little bit fiddly! The mask is really big and I had to fold it up near my nose in order to breath! It also was slightly higher than my hairline so be wary of that too. It has so much serum on, that it feels really weird at first but you soon get used to it. You can see in the picture below how big it is, I found myself having to pad it down a few times.

So, after fifteen minutes I removed the mask, rubbed in the excess serum and was really pleased with the results. The visibly dry skin I had before using it had completely gone and my whole face felt firm and hydrated. I could tell that my skin had been intensely moisturised and I was surprised that it wasn’t looking too oily.

After sleeping, the firmness I felt in my skin had stayed put overnight and even after I had washed my face in the morning, my face was still lovely and smooth without a dry patch in sight! I think I was really impressed with the fact that my skin was so much better in such a short period using the mask!

I would definitely use this again! I need something like this once a month at least when my skin is really dry and flaking after weeks of drying makeup and beauty products.

My favourite thing about this mask, is that for someone who has really oily skin, it delivers a quick burst of intense hydration without having to use an intensive moisturising cream to help combat dryness over a longer period of time. This only adds to my oily problem and the mask is a great solution to that! Guess how much this is? £0.99 and you can buy it from Boots by clicking here!

TIP: use an exfoliating facewash and brush before using the mask for even smoother results!

There are so many positives to this product and that is why it is my January beauty buy of the month!

Have you tried this mask? What did you think?

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