Beauty Bucket List – Part 1

So I thought for today’s post I’d try something a little bit different. Welcome to my Beauty Bucket list. There are 15 different things on my list and I’m going to split it up across a few months and reveal 5 things on my list in each post!

Have you ever thought “I’d love to try that” or “I wish I could apply that better”, that’s what this beauty bucket list is all about! It’s all the little things I wish I could do but just never get around to it. So here we go, the first part of my beauty bucket list counting down from 15:

15.  Master winged eyeliner

We’ve all seen the beauty gurus and makeup artists online who are so amazing at applying eyeliner they are just showing off. Why can’t mine be that easy, it literally takes me 5 minutes on each eye, I always have to have the wipes ready and the line never looks completely flawless. So I’m tired of just being able to apply a wing, I want to master it! I have a weird eye shape on the outer corner so i’d love to be able to find the right wing for my eye shape.  I’d love to venture into the world of gel liner too, which I only use on the lid if I want to do a dramatic smokey eye.

14. Try a fringe

Ok, so I have been growing my hair for years now and it is finally all the same length. I’d love to get a fringe cut in just to see what it is like. The problem is I am so scared to do it. What happens if I don’t like it

13.Try to add more colour to my makeup

So this is something I’ve constantly tried to do and I create some great looks. When it comes to actually leaving the house however, I wipe off my eye makeup and redo it sticking to the neutral colours I know. I just don’t have the confidence! It’s the same with lipstick (but this kind of links to number 11 too) I own adventurous shades, but rarely wear them because when I do someone makes a comment. I’m going to do a lipstick challenge on my Youtube channel this month where I will do seven days of different lipstick and I really want to incorporate some colours I have but hardly ever wear.

12. Swat up on my skincare

So in a recent post I talked about starting a new skincare routine this year which was my first step. You can read this post here, but I really want to delve deeper and find out exactly how these products help my skin and what else I can be doing to help with the oiliness and my acne. I’m soo late to the party as I’m 28, I really wish I had started this sooner, but it’s never too late. I’m going to be posting monthly updates about my progress so make sure you keep up to date.

11. I want to get my lips done

Now some may not agree with this, but it’s my body my choice. About ten years ago, I had an accident, I fell and my mouth bounced off a concrete step. I damaged my two front teeth which I am just about to finally get rectified after years of trying (but that’s another story) As well as this, I bit right through my lip at an angle. The scar starts on my face underneath my lip on my right hand side and goes through my lip ending on the upper part of my lip inside. Due to this, my bottom lip is really wonky. If I follow my natural lip liner with lipstick, it looks so hideous, especially with darker colours. I rarely am able to wear them because it looks so obvious when I’ve overdrawn. So I’d love to get lip filler to rectify this, I just always chicken out.

So that’s it, the first five items on my beauty bucket list! Make sure you check out the next installment, coming in February!

What do you think to my list so far? What would be on your list?

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