Beauty Battle – My fave MAC Dupes!

Like most people into makeup, I fell in love with MAC. I adore so many of their products, but being on a strict budget sometimes means that I cannot afford to spend too much on the makeup I wear everyday. I’ve tried so many products to compile this post and bring you my fave MAC Dupes!


fave Mac Dupes Powder - The Plus Size of Life - Emma Ellis

Powder for me is something that I struggle with. Having oily skin means that I cant wear anything too heavy, so this translucent powder from MAC is so perfect because it’s so lightweight. I love that this is so translucent so it doesn’t add any extra colour to your face when setting your foundation.

Nothing out there matched this stuff, until Hydro Powder came along! I love this product, it’s not as white as the MAC powder, but it definitely gives it a run for it’s money, at only £3 it’s worth a try right? it really helps to set my foundation and keeps it in place all day.


fave Mac Dupes Primer - The Plus Size of Life - Emma Ellis

MAC Matte is such a versatile product, I honestly thought I would never find anything that could stand up to it. I love how this can be used under or over makeup to help mattify the skin if needed. I love using this before and after I’ve applied my foundation for an extra barrier to excess oil.

I bought the Collection primer on a whim not expecting much, but I talked about how much I liked it in this post and to be honest there really isn’t much of a difference between the two in texture or consistency. The main plus for this one though is that it has the added bonus of Witch Hazel, which is great if you have a breakout.


fave Mac Dupes Foundation - The Plus Size of Life - Emma Ellis

Studio Fix Fluid is one of my all time favourite foundations, as I’m sure all you oily girls will agree, it’s so hard to find something that can stand up to it! I genuinely love this foundation and I will ALWAYS continue to buy it because for me it’s one of the only liquid foundations that will stay put!

Revlon Colorstay has often been touted as a dupe for Studio Fix Fluid and I am seriously inclined to agree, now it even comes in a special formulation for combination/oily skin, which in my eyes made it 100% better. For around half the price of the MAC, you get a foundation that’s just as buildable and can last ages. I tend to use this day to day and save my MAC for when I need something a bit special.


fave Mac Dupes Lipstick - The Plus Size of Life - Emma Ellis

MAC Matte Lipsticks are the 1st choice for anyone wanting a matte lip right? they are so amazing and smell lovely – I’m not disputing the quality or finish of the product, just the price!

If like me you tend to buy at least 1 new lipstick a week and you don’t have £15.50 to spend on each one, I seriously suggest trying the new Seventeen Mega Matte range. At the moment they come in 12 amazing shades, they are lovely to apply and last ages. I don’t want to go into too much detail as I have got a review on these next month, but seriously £3.99 each?!?! SOLDD!!

I hope you liked checking out my fave MAC dupes, I just wanted to reiterate that I adore MAC and will always use their products. Sometimes I just cannot afford to get everything I need and these dupes definitely mean that I can save a few ££ but pretty much stick to my normal makeup routine.

Do you have any fave MAC dupes that I didn’t include? Let me know in the comments!!



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