Must haves – Autumn Transition Essentials!

So, I know most of you probably don’t want to talk about the fact that Autumn is upon us. I myself had gotten so used to going to work in the light and coming home in glorious sunshine that I really was not prepared for how quickly September would be upon us! In today’s Post, I’m sharing with you my Must have Autumn Transition Essentials, basically five items that take me from summer, into autumn without a hitch!

Autumn Transition Essentials- The Plus Size of Life - Emma Ellis

1. New Look Curves 200 Denier Tights – £5.99 – I wear tights with everything in my day to day life. When it starts to get dark in the mornings I love nothing more than a nice thick pair to keep the chill off my legs. I also think that tights are an awesome way to transition to autumn, because you can pair them with the cute dresses you’ve been wearing all summer, keeping them as part of your wardrobe until at least winter!

2. Boohoo Plus Bella Long Sleeved Swing Dress – £16 –  I love long sleeves in autumn, because sometimes it’s just not warm enough for bare arms, but it’still too warm for a thick winter coat.

3. ASOS Curve Ultimate Chunky Jumper – £28 – Possibly the best essential on the list, I like to try and carry one on me at all times, just in case I feel the chill. I love this one from ASOS as it’s not in a colour from the usual drab autumn/winter palette! Sunshine can be with you, even when wearing a jumper!!

4. New Look Wide Fit Suedette Block Heel Boots – £27.99 – There’s nothing worse than wet feet from wearing ballet shoes or tiny heels in autumn when a September shower wants to strike! These boots are perfect for that, and also for keeping your little tootsies warm when it’s chilly!

5. Lovedrobe @ Simply Be Blanket Wrap Jacket – £33 (SALE) I have a Mac style jacket that is perfect for keeping the wind off in the autumn months. This one from Simply Be is a great style and colour, guaranteed to make you feel lovely and cosy 🙂

What would you have on your Must have Autumn Transition Essentials! list? What did you think to my choices?




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