About Me


Updated June 2020:

My names Emma and welcome to my little corner of the internet, The Plus Size of Life. I am a Mum to two little humans, Maisie aged 9 and Arthur Age 1. As a family, we love eating out, exploring, but most of all we love being in our own little world of fun!

I have been blogging for a number of years, although on and off admittedly. The truth is recently I have really fallen out of love with the fashion blogging world. I never really keep up with the latest fashions anyway and by the time I get around to posting about something, it’s already out of fashion. I have met so many awesome members of the Plus Size fashion community, some of which will be my friends for life and I will continue to visit events because I do enjoy fashion. but I have realised that my main focus for this blog is going to be my family, our life and just a little bit my love of makeup.

I am also going to be running a Mum vs Maisie series on my YouTube channel as well as vlogging some of our day to day life and routines.

I cannot promise I will be perfect, but I can promise that my posts will be from the heart <3

E x