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About The Plus Size of Life - Emma Ellis

Hi and welcome to The Plus Size of Life, a West Yorkshire based UK Plus Size fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog written and created by me, Emma Ellis.

I’m plus size and mostly wear a UK 20/22. I’ve always loved fashion and beauty. I grew up feeling like I didn’t deserve to wear nice clothes or use make up, mainly because I was Plus Size. As I got older I realised that this was stupid, and I wanted to create this blog to share my passion for beautiful clothes and amazing make up!

The Plus Size of Life started in October 2014, as a way to help myself to love the skin I’m in and stop worrying about how others see me. I found other bloggers online, amazing and inspirational women wearing what they wanted and not caring which in turn inspired me to try this! All though I have always blogged part time, I am managing to get creative more and more recently and I am finding myself wanting to really make The Plus Size of Life succeed.

Since then, the blog has transformed and I’m including alot more family and lifestyle posts! I’m a Mother of two little people, Maisie and Arthur and my life can be a bit hectic at times but I wanted to show more of my family life on the blog as well.

I am still experimenting with fashion, trying more bold prints and colours, exploring and finding my own sense of style. I adore alternative and indie fashion as well as dressing up in a beautiful dress with heels for a night out. I’m still trying to find my casual side, but it’s slowly getting there!

Here’s some random info about me:

  • I love Morrissey so much that I have his name tattooed on my left arm
  • I have a BSc (Hons) degree from the University of Huddersfield
  • I work full time as a customer service administrator somewhere in the public sector but I’m currently on Maternity Leave
  • The only colour that matters in my life is PINK
  • My favourite quote is “If your hair is wrong, your whole life is wrong” – who else but Morrissey
  • I adore gin
  • I only own about 5 pairs of socks and they are for emergency situations only!

My favourite places to shop are:

  • Pretty Little Thing
  • Simply Be
  • ASOS
  • Boohoo +
  • Misguided

My Fave Make Up brands include but are definitely not limited to:

  • Make Up Revolution
  • MAC
  • Collection Cosmetics
  • Sleek Make Up


If you want to contact me or follow what me and my family are up to, you can find me on Twitter : @plussizeoflife Facebook : The Plus Size of Life or Instagram : theplussizeoflife. Alternatively, you can always email me at theplussizeoflife@hotmail.com

I hope you enjoy reading my blog!