Sleek Makeup Vs Makeup Revolution – Highlight and Contour Kits!

Lately, you can’t even talk about makeup without mentioning contouring and highlighting andit seems like everyone is lookingfor the perfect contour kit. Forget looking like Kim Kardashian, I don’t have time to be doing her routine, so I opt for a powder kit. They give you exactly the same results but without all the time and effort. In this post, it’s Sleek Makeup Vs Makeup Revolution as I compare my usual highlight and contour kit with one that is less than half the price!!

Sleek Make up Face Form Contouring and Blush Palette, LIGHT 372 – Superdrug £9.99

The Plus Size of Life Sleek Makeup Contour Kit emma ellis plus size blogger plus size

I discovered sleek one day whilst browsing the Makeup aisle in Superdrug, and this was one of the first contour kits I had seen available to purchase in a shop on the high street. It has a lovely sleek, black matte finish to the casing and it looks incredibly professional. Inside there is an ample sized mirror, making it ideal for carrying around. There are three products within; a brown Contour powder, a pearl Highlighting powder and a lovely pink Blush also in a shimmer finish.

The contour powder is just the right shade for me, I do wear very light foundation so I don’t want anything too dark. It’s is so easy to apply and is extremely versatile, it blends really well and I can use it to contour all the parts of my face that I need to. The blusher is a great shade for me when used sparingly. It has some lovely gold tones in there as well which make it perfect for when you really want to make your cheeks stand out. I do tend to wear this everyday but sometimes i opt for a lighter shade of pink for daytime. One of the only major downside for me is that the highlighter is very pearlised and, if not used sparingly, it is extremely noticeable on your face. To me it isn’t suitable for day to day use. I have to use a really light face powder instead, but I do use it to highlight when I’m going out.

Makeup Revolution Ultra Sculpt and Contour Kit Ultra Fair C01 – £3.50 Makeup Revolution Store

New The Plus Size of Life Makeup Revolution Contour Kit

My local Superdrug does not stock Makeup Revolution’s products and ordering online can sometimes be a pain because I always seem to choose the wrong colour of whatever it is I’m buying and get it so wrong! So when I nipped into superdrug at Leeds White rose the other week and saw they stocked them, I went a little bit crazy (more posts to come hehe!) I saw this palette and I knew I had to buy it. For me, it brings everything the sleek palette has and then cancels out the negatives to give me my ultimate contour kit. at half the price! The brown contour powder is virtually the same colour and works just as effectively. The blusher in this one is a lighter shade and after comparing the two i feel like it matches my skin tone so much better, meaning it is suitable for everyday wear. The real plus point on this one is that the highlighting powder is much better, it is still pearlised, but not to the same extent the sleek one is, making it less noticeable on your face. I have only been using this for about a month, but I am so impressed by the quality.

Overall, I love both products, but in the end it comes down to price, when you can find something that gives you everything you want at half the price, that is surely going to be a winner? I feel that with sleek you are paying for much higher end packaging compared to the Makeup Revolution and to be honest, when they come at such an amazing price, do you really care when you’re applying it to your face, it’s not like you’ve bought something to sit and look at.

Sorry Sleek, but I think I have found a new fave!!!! Makeup Revolution, I salute you on another fantastic product!



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