5 reasons I love the large age gap between my children

I have written before about having a new baby when there are other kids in your household and all the things that can help ease the pressures of jealousy from older siblings, you can read that here. Today I want to talk about 5 reasons I love the age gap between my children.

There is 8 years between Maisie and Arthur and although sometimes it has been a bit of a challenge when it comes to activities and school holidays to get the right balance, overall we have had such a positive experience.

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1. I didn’t feel as exhausted as I could of

Having a new baby is exhausting. I can’t believe I had forgotten what those first few weeks were like! BUT that said I think it definitely would have been more difficult if Maisie was younger than 7 when Arthur came along. I couldn’t imagine having a toddler and a new baby at the same time, hats off to anyone who copes with that!!

2. Their bond is so special

Watching Maisie and Arthur together is just the cutest thing. Since day 1 Maisie has been there for him. She worries about him if he cries, she wants to help and make him laugh and he totally adores her. When she enters the room all his attention is on her and it makes me so proud to see them together

3. They don’t want to do the same things

This is a weird reason but because they are into different things there is no fighting about who is playing with what. It means we have a nice variety of shows on the TV and not just Cbeebies all the time. Which leads to my next point …

5. The time I spend with each of them is different

I love that when I spend alone time with each of my kids, we are doing something different. If I had two toddlers, I am assuming it would just be easier to spend time all together and do the same activities. I like that my kids get some alone time with me and it means I get a bit of variety as a Mum too, I can spend the day at the cinema and shopping with Maisie and I can spend the next day getting messy with Arthur.

5. It has taught Maisie independence

Maisie was 7 when Arthur came into the family, so she was already on her way to independence but it has definitely been thrust upon her. She can sort herself breakfast, drinks and snacks. She also wants her own space and shes at an age where I don’t have to run around doing things for her! This definitely makes life easier.

So that’s why I love the age gap between my children, of course there are cons as well, but on this blog we are all about focussing on the positives! Have you got age gap siblings? what do you love about it?

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