30 free things to do with the kids in the summer holidays

So it’s a week into the 6 week holidays and the kids are already bored (I wanted to share this last week, but last week was just a write off so here it is) I was making a list for my own personal use the other day about all the free things to do with the kids during our summer holiday and I thought why not share it here for you too! Making lists is something that I do regularly in my day to day life to help me remember things or come up with ideas, whether that be things like this or for stuff for the blog.

Indoor activities

Sometimes it’s raining, it can be realy hard to keep the kids entertained in the house, keep them off the electronics or stop them from watching TV all day. Here are 10 free things to do with the kids this summer holiday indoors

  1. Research your family tree – this can be really good and it will teach the kids about your family history
  2. Dress up – kids love this, especially if you get involved. Get out your wedding dress or let them wear your clothes, they seem to love that. Make it into a role play or game.
  3. Bake a cake – most of us have the ingredients lying around. If the kids aren’t about waiting try this Microwave cake!
  4. Board games – board games can be overlooked as an activity, but it’s actually a really great way to pass some time.
  5. Take Photos – Let them lose with the camera and see what they come up with. Print them off and display them too!
  6. Look through photo albums – Maisie loves to look through her baby photos and equally loves laughing at ours!
  7. Have a bubble ball – we picked up a small bubble machine for £3 and it fills the room with bubbles in minutes. Put some music on and have a boogie with your little people. Arthur loves it and runs around crazy.
  8. Origami  – I love origami and you can either show the kids yourself using online instructions like this from the British Museum or use this resource for some easy free printables
  9. Build a fort – use cushions and bed sheets or if you are feeling creative use any spare cardboard boxes you have lying around.
  10. Plan a food menu and cook together – Kids love cooking and this is a great way to teach them some valuable life skills too!

In the garden activities


If you are lucky enough to have a garden then you can go outside for some fresh air, stay socially distanced in your own garden and the kids can still have a great time. Here are 10 free things to do with the kids this summer holidays in your own garden!

  1. Bug hunt – all you need for this is a plastic tub full of grass or leaves and you can go hunting for bugs. Transfer them carefully to the tub and look and talk about them together
  2. Weeding – a nice easy way to get the kids to help with the gardening, make it into a game and see who can do the most.
  3. Make mud pies – I’m sure I dont have to tell you kids love this and it can keep them entertained for hours
  4. Hopskotch etc– teach them the street games you used to play. They will love learning something new and they will definitely pass it onto their friends back at school
  5. Paddling pool – get the paddling pools out, if it’s a nice day you can relax too and pretend you are around the pool somewhere exotic
  6. Barbecue –  Obviously not entirely free, but easy to plan into the weekly food budget. I love a good barby and so do the kids, they love sitting on a blanket for teatime.
  7. Treasure hunt – this takes a little bit more planning, but you can hide their own “treasure” like toys or sweets and leave clues to help them find the things you hide.
  8. Camp out – If you have a tent, get it up in the garden and camp out. The kids love it and since we don’t want to go on holiday just yet it’s a great little escape from reality
  9. Frozen paint pop painting – awesome to do in the sunshine, I have a post coming up about this on Wednesday and hot to make frozen paint pops
  10. Water painting – for this, you need a tub of water and a paint brush. I remember doing this at nursery and just painting the fence in the playground for hours on end. Little kids especially love it.

Out and about

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If you really need a change of scenery, there are alot of free things to do with the kids in the summer holidays while you and your little ones maintain social distancing.

  1. Geocaching – I have never done this but have always wanted to. I know Maisie will like it and I am planning to do it this summer. Check out this post for all you need to know
  2. Woodland/Country Walk – Luckily we live near some pretty nice country and woodland walking trails. So this is a good one to take some time out of the house
  3. Nature explorers – while out walking task the kids to find different things in nature that are a certain colour. They will love exploring to find things
  4. Skatepark – Maisie loves the skatepark because she is currently learning to skateboard but it’s fun for kids whether that be on a skateboard, bike or scooter.
  5. Watch the Sunrise/Sunset – Get up early or stay up late and go to a local beauty spot to watch the sunrise or sunset. The kids will be in awe
  6. Picnic – don’t just go to the park, make a day of it and have lunch as well by taking a picnic. Let the kids help you make and pack it.
  7. Play football – take a ball to the park and play football. Kids of all ages love running around for the ball
  8. Ride Bikes – a lovely way to explore your local area without walking. Stop for a drink or an ice cream too.
  9. River/Canal walks – We are lucky to have both in my area and like walking along the water exploring the plants and wildlife that grow around the water.
  10. Free museums/galleries  – there are lots of free museums around, take a look here to find some in your area. We like the Media Museum and The Hepworth

So that’s it. 30 free things to do with the kids in the summer holidays, if you have anymore suggestions leave them in the comments for me!

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